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B1A4’s “Baby Good Night” Criticized Lyrics for Cheating

B1A4’s “Baby Good Night” Criticized for Lyrics about Cheating

B1A4’s latest single “Baby Good Night” has been criticized for its lyrics about cheating on a girlfriend.

On May 24, B1A4 released the single and full music video to “Baby Good Night,” the title track for their first regular album, “B1A4 Ignition Special Edition.”

However, shortly after its release, fans were quick to notice the real meaning behind this song. The lyrics, written by leader Jin Young, contains a story about asking his girlfriend to go to sleep early, so he can go out and cheat on her.

In particular, fans pointed out the part that said, “OK, go to bed early tonight. Once you fall asleep, I’ll go to bed too. After we hang up, I’ll get dressed in fancy clothes and get ready to go out. Just tonight, I’ll have to cheat on you. After tonight, I’ll go back to my normal self. Although it might feel a bit awkward, can’t you just let it pass sometimes?”

Netizens commented, “OH MY GAWD!” “The lyrics are a little too provocative,” and “This is a perfect playboy song!”

For those who haven’t seen the MV yet, make sure you check it out below!

Credit: soompi.com

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