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Will Super Junior’s Super Show 4 be hitting America?

When international Super Junior fans saw Super Show 4’s tour dates, many rejoiced in SM Entertainment’s global reach. Unfortunately, it seems Super Show 4 is wrapping up in Seoul on the 26 and 27 of this month, having missed out on a few proposed destinations.

Adding on Paris, France to their tour, SMTOWN’s official Facebook released the news last November that Super Show 4 would be touring many major cities in “the Americas, Europe and Asia.” However 3RD Wave Music, the Christian music organization that follows the tour, tweeted from Tokyo’s Super Show 4 May 12 performance: “Last day of concerting! Last SS4 Int’l tour! Let’s make this one memorable.” Also, on Super Junior’s official SMTOWN schedule, there aren’t any Super Show 4 concerts listed in the Americas. The only way anyone stateside can get to see Super Junior is at SMTOWN 2012 in Los Angeles on May 20. Greatly saddened, many North, Central and South American ELF started various petitions to bring Super Show 4 to the western hemisphere. But considering Super Junior’s long touring schedule that started just last year on November 19, and how Super Show 4’s May 5 date in Australia was cancelled, the forecast appears grim.

According to SM Entertainment a 10,000 signature petition must be created in order to warrant a Super Show 4 stop in any country. But knowing the power of international ELF, we don’t really think Super Show 4 is really going to end in Seoul next weekend…

credit: mtvk

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