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K-Pop Google Free Concert @ Mountain View Tickets Sold Out

SNSD, Super Junior, TVXQ, Wonder Girls to Perform at Google Head Quarter in US

‘MBC Korean Wave in Google’ tickets have been sold out receiving an overwhelming response from K-Pop fans in the United States.

The free tickets that were given out starting last night at 7PM PDT through Powerhouse Live, however as the website experienced an overflow of traffic that the site was down as soon as the tickets were available for reservations. In the midst of such high response the concert promoter Powerhouse Live provided an update at 1AM PDT through Facebook that the ticket reservation submissions are now closed.

The concert became a hot topic after it was reported to be live broadcasted worldwide through YouTube Presents channel for the very first time as a K-Pop concert. K-Pop is becoming a worldwide sensation as it sets various records opening a new chapter in K-Pop history.

All night K-Pop fans gathered at KpopStarz as the concert promoter website was down, making the 1st announcement of service interruption and till the final notice made at 1AM PDT that the ticket reservation submission has been closed, K-Pop fans expressed their disappointment as well as encouraging each other while sharing information regarding the tickets.

There were many that have successfully received ‘registration accepted’ however were curious if they have properly registered as they were not able to receive a confirmation number that is required to receive tickets and were left without any confirmation email. Through the final notice concert promoter announced for those who have successfully submitted their requests should expect an email confirmation within the next few days.

Below is the final update on May 13 at 1AM PDT through Powerhouse Live Facebook

UPDATE: We apologize for the delayed update. The access limit for the page was surpassed before the requests were opened, which is why you might have received a service unavailable message. However, the requests were accepted starting at 7pm PDT as scheduled, and all requests have been successfully submitted in the order that they came in. Submissions are now closed. For those of you who have successfully submitted your requests, an email confirmation will be sent to you within the next few days. We greatly appreciate all your love and support for the artists as well as for this event. Thank you!

Credit :kpopstarz

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