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Rookie Group 7942 Causes a Frenzy in Indonesia

Rookie Group 7942 Causes a Frenzy in Indonesia

Rookie group 7942 is garnering more popularity overseas than in Korea. Thanks to their appearance in a Korean-Indonesian drama ‘I Love you’ even before their debut.

Fans have created a Facebook page in Indonesia and the group also is already acquiring a large fan base also in France, Japan and even Thailand. This is thanks to the Indonesian fans that have promoted boys in various websites.

7942 pronounced in Korean means close friends, consists of Yoo Hanghoon, Jo Hoon, Im Jonghyun and Kim Eungjoo. The vocal group boasts an average height of 183 cm and well-defined features.

Kim Eung Joo has worked in the musical ‘Grease’ playing the role of Danny and Im Jonghyun appeared on ‘Qualifications of Men’ choir.

Yoo Hanghoon was active as a b-boy in high school shared, “I began my journey as a singer after I was given an advice to become a singer when I was in the army. As it was getting closer for me to be discharged from the army I looked for an agency and became a trainee which led me to meet my fellow members.”

Jo Hoon also joined the music industry due to an advice from a friend in the army which is similar to Yoo Hanghoon. The boys joined the current agency after being trained as a trainee in a famous agency. Yoo Hanghoon shared, “Jo Hoon’s low bass voice is very attractive. He has a tone that many female fans like.”

Im Jonghyun is a pre-rookie as he has been a part of rock band previously. He even released a single album back in 2010 as a three boy band group J. Rich. His tone is particularly clean and clear during high notes.

7942 is currently promoting their debut single ‘I’ll Be Famous.’ The group emphasized, “We wish to first appeal to our fans with our vocal skills rather than making our introduction with a flamboyant dance.”

credit :kpostarz

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