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CCM’s Kim Kwang Soo releases official statement regarding T-ara’s member additions

As reported yesterday, T-ara will be indeed adding two new members to become a nine member group, and Core Contents Media‘s CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, has released an official statement confirming the changes.

On April 6th, Kim Kwang Soo stated, “T-ara will be changed from the current seven members to a nine member centered system, and if needed, member changes as well as member additions will be decisively executed.”

The two new members will start promoting with T-ara starting in July of this year with the release of a new album.

Kim Kwang Soo explained that the reason for the addition of members is for the expansion and development of the group. “I’ve seen a portion of the celebrities I’ve created become conceited and idle about three years after they’ve risen to popularity. Although T-ara is working hard, to show them that they must continue to try and work even harder on stage as well as off stage, I have decided to implement changes,” he stated.

After the news of the addition of new members, many had expressed their concerns and anxieties, however Kim Kwang Soo thought differently.

He commented, “Even now with new girl and boy groups debuting left and right every month, they are working hard for more than ten hours a day… In situations like these, if they find safety in thinking ‘We are one of the top groups in Korea’, they can never progress. T-ara has worked tirelessly to challenge themselves in new ways, and they’re still doing so now.”

He continued, “We will try even harder to make sure that no controversy arises from their greetings or attitude. If there is a member within T-ara who does not work hard and becomes full of herself, and as a result causes harm to other members, I will decisively exchange that member in question with a new member. That is the way that T-ara can go from being just Korea’s T-ara to a group that goes beyond Asia to stand at the center of K-Pop.”

Kim Kwang Soo added, “We hope for your understanding and interest in T-ara’s next move.”

T-ara’s new members will be revealed in July.

Source + Photo: TVreport via Nate, No Cut News via Naver and allkpop

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