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Jun Jin’s Panic Disorder, Andy’s Suicide Rumor?

Jun Jin and Andy from Shinhwa showed their tears as looking back at the time of hardship.

At KBS ‘Kim Seung-woo’s Seung Seung Jang Gu’ all 6 Shinhwa members appeared and shared their past.

Jun Jin and Andy each shared about their panic disorder and suicide rumor which surprised everyone.

Jun Jin said, “It was difficult when all the difficult situation came to me all at once, my true image was not revealed when I did my best or disharmony in my family began.”

He continued “I only drank soju for 2 months without eating a meal or even going outside. I thought of so many bad things. Panic disorder that I had was really serious which led me fear situations that didn’t even happen and become fearful and anxious about even nothing.”

Dongwan said “Jun Jin has the image of true man, but sometimes he was doing things that others didn’t understand. He didn’t say anything at that time”. Eric said, “We really didn’t know what happened to him. When we found out the truth, many things already happened.” Jun Jin said, “I am not cured perfectly, but I came to have a positive mind by the support of Shinhwa members.”

Andy also shared about the suicide rumors. “I had to leave for US for 2-3months because of my mother’s health. I couldn’t say anything about it to members. Because of the hospital fee which is extremely expensive, I had to come back to Korea with my mom, I couldn’t participate in any activities for 4th album.”

He continued “I lived in guest house I grew my hair long where nobody could recognized me. Hospital fee was being charged continually, I couldn’t sleep at hospital even though I stayed there whole night. My grandma misunderstood me as she saw me drinking soju and taking aspirin every day, suicide rumor came out from there.”

Andy also gave thanks to the members who helped and supported him so that he could stand up again. Story of the past of members and brotherly love touched the heart of viewers.

Credit: Kpopstarz

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One comment on “Jun Jin’s Panic Disorder, Andy’s Suicide Rumor?

  1. this is too bad to hear this about them i love Andy& jun jin so much i wish for them all the best

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