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[RECAP] The Moon That Embraces The Sun Episode 20 FINAL

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve recapped a drama (last one being Lie To Me.. I think) so I thought that I’ll recap the last episode of one of my favourite dramas of this year: The Moon That Embraces The Sun 🙂

KEY: YM= Yang Myung (Jung Il Woo), H= Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun), YW= Yeon Woo (Han Ga In), BK= Bo Kyung (Kim Min Seo)

We start episode 20 from where episode 19 ended: YM and H pointing swords at each other, with H being totally outnumbered.

Tables then turn for evil minister Yoon Dae Hyung as YM was actually working with H to capture the evil. As H, YM and Woon run up to the steps of the Palace, a mass of soldiers and guards turn up into the “battlefield” with archers joining in the fight behind H. Minister Dae Hyung obviously sees that he and his party are outnumbered… muahaha..

While the fight begins, we see that BK’s court lady is rushing into her room to warn her about what’s going on outside but she finds BK’s room empty. We then see BK walking very slowly and looking very pale whilst holding a long white sheet – obviously ready to hang herself. While she walks up to the tree, she thinks about H and her father and we see flashbacks of her sweet moment(s) with H, the part where H was wrapping BK’s hand with a bandage. She ties the sheet on a tree branch and she’s ready to go.

By the end of the “battle” all, Minister Dae Hyung sees that all his comrades are dead – it’s not surprising because they’re all kinda old… – and he’s the only one remaining. The soldiers gather around him and make way for the H who’s already holding his bow and arrow ready to shoot. H shoots the arrow to (ex)minister Dae Hyung’s thy making him kneel. Soon-to-be-dead Dae Hyung takes the arrow out, stands up and staggers. YM then comes sprinting and gives the finishing blow making Dae Hyung fall to the ground.

The battle is not yet over though… behind YM, a barely-alive enemy soldier is still alive holding a spear. H warns YM and as YM sees the soldier ready to through the weapon, he looks back at H and smiles. He faces the soldier, drops his sword and is then hit by the spear…. T.T

H and Woon run over to YM and everyone crowds around him. They already took out the spear and are now comforting YM who is ready to die. YM says his goodbyes to Woon and is now saying his goodbyes to H. He tells H that “he’s fine” and he takes out a letter for H to give to YW. H holds YM and YM lays on the ground remembering his moment with YW and how he called her an ugly girl… and he dies.. T.T It’s so sad because Woon is in tears and H is crying his eyes out screaming “hyungnim~!!!”

Meanwhile, YW is brought to a house where her mum, bro and bratty princess are staying. She encounters her mum while entering the house and her mum immediately recognizes her. They hug and cry and mummy faints. Bro then comes out to see what the commotion is about and see YW. He recognizes her but when he gets closer to her to support mother, he turns his face away from her (I didn’t like his reaction here because it’s kinda like “oh hey YW, you’re back from the dead”). They take mum to her bed and YW and mum are hold each others hands while mum and YW are having their emotional moment.

YW then goes outside and finds her bro. He tells her that he is ashamed and that she shouldn’t look at him because of all the things he has done.. bahblah.. but YW’s like it’s okay because you’re my bro and I forgive you.. you’re safe, it’s all fine.. blah .. They have their bonding moment and hug..

YW then enters bratty princess’ room. Minhwa doesn’t to be eating at the moment as once she realizes that someone has entered, she begins shouting out that she won’t eat. However, she looks up and finds YW standing in front of her with porridge in hand. Minhwa is confused as she was expecting YW to be angry at her and is instead handing her food. She lays out all the bad things she has done but YW still thanks Minhwa for taking care of her mother and bro. YW also says that she doesn’t need to eat for herself but for bro and for the baby she’s carrying because this is what she wanted anyway so she might aswell carry it through. YW hands Minhwa the spoon and she takes the spoon and starts eating. She starts crying and it all looks really not nice because she’s crying and eating porridge at the same time…

We then see YM laying down on a bed wearing his funeral clothing. Woon and his mum are beside him with his mother telling YM to wake up. This bit is so sad because his mum can’t accept that he’s died and is grabbing YM’s shoulders trying to wake him up T.T Woon leaves the room and goes outside. There, he sees old YM being his happy and playful self. He asks YM for advices with YM replying that he should live on and be happier.. (not sure about this bit, I’ll edit this later) He turns away but as he turns back towards YM, he’s already gone.. T.T

BK is also on her funeral bed but she’s laying there with her eyes wide open, which is really creepy. Her court lady and servants are crying hysterically but H is just standing there looking down at her body. He kneels down next to her and closes her eyes.

He walks outside and finds YW. She walks towards him and he starts crying and they both hug. YW comforts him whilst also shedding tears herself. I feel so sorry for H right now because so many people have died in one day…

Few days have past and H has got himself a new court – with nicer people, hopefully – He states that Princess Minhwa will be punished for her crimes after she gives birth to the baby. We then see Minhwa eating well and taking care of her baby. H then moves on to Yeom (shall edit this part late because not sure what he said) and also to Nok Young where he says that she will be reinstated as head shaman.

Although Nok Young is back at the Palace, Jan Shil pleads NY not to go – NY is sacrificing herself during a spiritual ceremony. During the ceremony that takes place, shamans are lined up beside this huge red carpet where NY doing the ritual. However, while in the middle of the ritual, NY looks up at the sky and sees the Sun and the Moon beside each other. This is when she suddenly collapses to her death. Jan Shil comes running over at her side – with the other shamans remaining where they are – and cries calling out NY’s name.

H and YW are soon married and are beginning to have their first meal as a couple. However, H is very frustrated at the length of time the court lady is preparing the food – she took her time in pouring the tea. H then asks the servants to leave immediately as he is really impatient. They are finally alone….

He moves the table to the side and holds out his hand. She give him her hand and H quickly pulls her arm making YW slide towards him. He then pins her down on the bed and asks her who she is.. she replies..

I am Yeon Woo, your majesty’s wife and this country’s mother (Queen)

H smiles and the screen fades to black…

Years have past and Yeom’s son and YW+H’s son are playing outside with Yeom and YW having tea. YW suddenly asks Yeom to forgive Minhwa and to let her see her son (shall edit this too)

Hey guys!! I’m sooo sorry for not being able to finish it!! It’s really late and I need sleep so I’ll have to continue it tomorrow… Just to let you know, the contents of this article are not accurate – I watched this raw and I don’t know how to speak korean so this is inaccurate and just shows a vague idea of what’s going on.. HOWEVER, after I watch the subbed version, I will edit the parts where I went wrong ^_^

Please stay tunes to OneAsiaa for the full recap!!

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