NU’EST Profile

New Establish Style Tempo

Members: JR, Aron, Minhyun, BaekHo, Ren
Company: PLEDIS Entertainment
Debut: 2012
Debut song: “FACE”
Fan Club Name: –

    • FACE (Single)

Name : Kim Jong Hyun (김종현)
Stage Name : JR ( Junior Royal )
D.O.B : 8th June 1995
Position: Leader, Rapper, Dancer
Weight : 58kg
Height: 176cm
Facts : Cameo in Orange Caramel’s Bangkok City MV

Name : Aaron Kwak
Stage Name : Aron
D.O.B : 21st May 1993
Position : Vocalist
Weight : 57kg
Height : 175cm
Facts : Born and raised in L.A California

Name : Hwang Min Hyun
Stage Name : Min Hyun
D.O.B : 8th August 1994
Position : Main Vocal, Center
Weight : 65kg
Height : 183cm
Facts : Starred in Orange Caramel’s Shanghai Romance MV

Name : Kang Dong Ho
Stage Name : Baekho | White Tiger
D.O.B : 21st July 1995
Position : Main Vocalist
Weight : 63kg
Height : 178cm
Facts : Starred in After School’s Play Ur Love MV

Name : Choi Min Ki
Stage Name : Ren | Len
D.O.B : 3rd November 1995
Position : Maknae , Mood Maker
Weight : 56kg
Height : 179cm
Facts : Featured and back up dancer of After School Blue’s Wonder Boy with other member

Last updated: March 2012

Credit: juicy4sushi.wordpress.com

15 comments on “NU’EST Profile

  1. What the….Min Hyun ……he is born in the same day,month,year as me????/O_O what the….!!!are you kidding mee??I think they write wrong….O_O

  2. My friend told me some infos ’bout them. They’re cute……… Welcome to the World of K-Pop!

  3. Ren looks like a girl ^____^

    They’re all babies! ^____^

  4. I give the best of wishes to NU’EST!!! Welcome to K-POP world lol ^_^ Already adding yall in my list of faves. k-pop idols and songs. I like your song ‘FACE’ really catchy and I’m sooooo happy that is finally here!!! 😀 I was waiting for soooo long for it. Also heard there is this Making the artist of something about yall 😉 better go and check it out really anxious to know what type of personality each and every one of yall carries. Congrats!!! ♥♥♥♥

  5. fantastic song…fantastic dance moves…fantastic members…fantastic group
    do your best,(0_0)

  6. i love ren!!!!<3


    LUV YAZ REN!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

  8. I really love like need miss Nuest Minhyun …n other member . Now I trying to be a Korean singer in YG sorry that not Pledis …bec I want to meet Minhyun and Nuest ?

  9. I wish u to get the Rookie award in this year n very famous all over the world …

  10. I love Ren…
    He is pretty!!im 6 months older than him!!
    ^_^…they r really cool!!!!

  11. ren look like teamin from shinee …

  12. REN so cute

  13. Oh my gosh ren is a pretty boy oh my gosh your so handsome my gosh i really like him i love u saranghae pls add me ren i love u very much you to jr and and minhyun ❤ ❤ ren minhyun jr ❤

  14. Minhyun born on 9 august 95 right?

  15. Their fan club name is love but the v is turned upside down like this :Λ

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