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Tracks by Jay Park, Swings, Rihanna and more deemed unsuitable for minors

Jay Park, the rapper Swings, and many other singers have had their music recently banned by the South Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family [MOGEF] for being “toxic” to Korea’s youth.
According to an official report released on the 5th of March, MOGEF, in association with its Committee on Youth Protection, has banned numerous songs including Jay Park’s “Enjoy the Show” and Swings’s “Cocky Bastard.” The songs have been banned due to problems the Ministry has with the lyrics, including the use of slang terms.
The committee has also found Nuol‘s “I Need A Beat“, JA‘s “No One Can Stop Me” and many other hip-hop songs to be harmful due to their inclusion of slang.
Hip-hop music videos, such as Mad Soul Child‘s “Breath,” have also been banned for their use of violent and suggestive images. American pop star Rihanna’sWe Found Love” music video has also received a ban due to its inclusion of themes of violence, sexual scenes, depiction of drug use and inciting bad behaviors in teens.
The face of the albums which include the newly banned songs, according to the Youth Protection Laws, must have a a label displaying that they have been deemed unsuitable for minors and they will be unable to buy if the purchaser is under the age of 19 in Korea. If these rules are not followed, the production companies, circulation companies, and the shops that sell the albums will be subject to fines. In addition to this, the banned materials cannot be broadcast until after 10PM KST.
Source: Star News via koreaboo

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