Video Recording Found of JYJ abusing Saseng Fans

photo courtesy of dispatchThe online community is a-buzz with news that Dispatch, a Korean news outlet, have obtained hold of a file containing evidence of JYJ members assaulting and hurling severe verbal abuse towards fans. In the disturbing accompanying audio files JYJ member, Kim Jaejoong, is heard hitting and swearing at a girl, even telling her to come back when she attempts to flee. Other member, Park Yoochun is also heard swearing at another fan in the same audio file.

This audio file is stirring up interest as there had been allegations a month ago of Yoochun hitting a fan. There was found to be no basis to the claim and it was rubbished but these new files definitely show Yoochun using foul language with fans who allegedly were minors.

However, the reliability of Dispatch has been questioned in the past as they have been found to lying with regards to other Korean artists. Furthermore, they are seen more as paparazzi as opposed to real reporters and this is demonstrated through their sensationlist seeking news items. However, if the audio file is taken into consideration it does appear that they there is some authenticity to this claim. It also appears that this controversy is already under investigation and there are also rumors of a lawsuit underway.

However if one looks at it from the perspective of the two JYJ members it becomes clear that the times in which the members have demonstrated abuse towards fans has been times in which fans known as ‘stalker’ or ‘life fans’ have been incesantly stalking them. These fans are known to have no boundaries and have even managed on occasions to get hold of the social security numbers of idols. Although, one can understand the frustration the members must have been experiencing, there is no way violence can be condoned.

We have translated the Dispatch article which you can read after the jump! Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

The rumor of the idol group’s use of violence against fans has been proved true. The files that were found had intense language and inappropriate language, along with use of violence.

The members of JYJ Park and Kim were the ones that used verbal and physical violence. Kim’s file was the longest, recording up to 10 minutes of using foul language at the fans. Park’s file only has 10 seconds of using vile language while Joonsu’s has none. However, his voice seemed frustrated.

The case of using violence against fans became an issue after Park’s video of use of physical violence. At that time, JYJ said that Park did not use any form of physical violence and the case ended like that. However, the interviews proved wrong. After meeting 10 fans, Park and JaeJoong used physical and verbal violence at the fans continuously.

JaeJoong’s use of violent words and actions were especially dangerous. He hit and swore at the teenage fans. The file dated back to 2009, which was around the time when DBSK was on the brink of collapse. JaeJoong used words such as “Bitch”, “Son of a Bitch”, and“You Piece of Shit”

While he was swearing at the teenage fans, he could not control himself and used physical violence. In the recording, the fans’ voice being in pain could be heard. JaeJoong whet after the fans that was running away and repeated the violent acts. Just by hearing the record, one could have inferred that it was no fan meeting.

Of course, JaeJoong had something to say. He said that because of the “Life Fans” who invade privacies and track the idols down, he has no room to breathe. “Have you ever thought of the pressure we are under and the stress we get? I would rather go to prison. I would rather go to the army” JaeJoong said.

The fans called “Life” fans track down DBSK like bloodhounds. They use “Life Taxi” to follow the members from day to night. The reason for his use of violence also came from the anger towards the life fans. He could not bear the fact that they followed him all the way where he was drinking and used violence.

“We wait in front of the hotel they are sleeping in and when they get out, we take a taxi and close in” said one of the ex-life fans said. They said that they still pursued the idols while they knew that they may be under physical and verbal violence. “It felt good looking at them close up” the ex-fan said.

Even if these life fans track the idols down, it is hard to understand the behavior of JaeJoong and Park. “Idols can only exist with the love of fans. Even if the fans are in pursuit of the idols 24/7, using verbal and physical violence towards them is unacceptable”said of the person in the market of Idol Groups.

Also, most of the life fans are teenagers in their middle school to high school years. “Life fan has the wrong view of what a fan is. But the idols have the duty to protect the fans. Even if they are life fans they are students and teenagers. The idols should not try to solve their problem with verbal and physical violence”

There are statements that say JaeJoong and Park’s actions generality. According to the interview, the use of physical and verbal violence was done by JaeJoong and Park. “The other members also have life fans. They do show the signs of anger, but they never used verbal or physical violence” said one life fan.

Idols and fans cannot be separated. Idols grow on fan’s interest. Fan clubs grow on the idols’ love. However, severe interest in the idols suffocates the idols. Also, a severe reaction against the interest can lead to cracks between the fans and the idols.

Idols’ patience and Life Fans’ introspection is needed. “I can understand the feeling of wanting to see the idols close up. However, the fans must allow some private space for the idols. As an idol, they must foster all kinds of fans even if the fans have a wrong view of being a fan. That is the destiny of a fan and the right attitude of being a fan.

 Source and photos: Nate via Hallyuuk

4 comments on “Video Recording Found of JYJ abusing Saseng Fans

  1. well i guess my sunshine boy jj already die a long time ago

  2. How do you know that it’s been proven true? How do I know that these audio recording are the voices of JYJ?

  3. Anonymous get real… don’t be a conspiracy theorist, korean man domestic violence is well known… this issue will move on and be forgotten and will just show as an example of how poorly female victims in korea are treated… even female idols are forced to do sexual acts against their will and have been known to commit suicide..

  4. Is acceptable for a male to beat a female in Korea, 1st world country living a 3rd world mentality.

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