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Block B’s Interview in Thailand

With Block B‘s recent visit to Thailand, the popular news source RYT9 sat down with the young men for an extensive interview about the group’s background, current activities and more.

What’s getting viewers around the world riled up is Block B’s playful attitude and a variety of comments they made throughout the video that came across as rude and insensitive, as they were standing on tables and posing like crazy

The interview begins with the members still getting settled with the interview, with one member even sprawling himself across the coffee table. Then at 3:40, Block B was asked about the origins of their group name. After leader Zico explained, he turned to the translator and stated, “You know this!

At the 9:15 mark, the interviewer asked, “What separates you from other Korean hip-hop artists?” Zico then said, “If you look at hip-hop artists, they’re very ugly. But we feel confident in our technical abilities.” The other members burst out laughing at Zico’s response, and P.O slid back on the couch, pushing his legs up into the air and clapped his hands and feet together in unison. Zico continued, “And sometimes we have crazy clowns like him.” U-Kwon continued laughing and suddenly stood up and started dancing around, followed by a loud monkey imitation as he swung his arms and screeched.

What has really gripped the attention and anger of viewers was the group’s commentary on the recent flooding in Thailand. At the 12:32 mark, the interviewer brought up the crisis, to which Zico replied, “I know that many people have it hard due to the flood. With this monetary aid, we hope that you will feel better. The only thing we have is money.” To this, another member chimed in, asking how much money Zico had, to which the leader answered, “About 7000 won?” which is roughly $6 USD. The other members laughed again.

This joking about the flooding however wasn’t as amusing for Korean netizens as it was seen as insensitive. This interview seems to have made it’s way to Nichkhun who is similarly unimpressed. He wrote the tweet below and it was followed by tweets from his fellow members Junho and Chansung.

Chansung: Even though carelessness may seem like something that happens inevitably depending on the situation even when you try your best not to, if you don’t pay attention to others and hurt them and act like there’s noone as great as myself that is careless. This is beyond a mistake and just proves that you’re that type of person. Have some shame.
Junho: I won’t say who it is but those actions and that attitude is embarrassing as a fellow Korean. I wish they’d learn that one bad action doesn’t affect just themselves but also dirties those around them. It’s something I’m saying as a person and a sunbae.
Nichkhun: As a Thai person I am offended by those who would speak about the Thailand floods without thinking. Also instead of coming to Thailand and acting mindlessly, please respect the country’s manners, and only act in a way that is proper.

Tiger JK was there to give some words of support for Nichkhun though..

However BBC’s have stuck by the boys and fans says: “It’s time to forgive and forget.” and “They probably didn’t mean it, and they are also humans, we all make mistakes”. In the meantime the Block B members themselves have been confronted with their own behavior by watching the interview and comments themselves and have started sending out their apologies.
Member Taeil was the first to reveal his apology through the group’s fancafe. After him, the others followed, sending out messages such as “We were not aware of the seriousness of the situation. We were too rude and we are reflecting on our actions. Again, I am apologizing. We are sorry.” (Kyung), “To the citizens of Thailand, I am truly sorry” (Jaehyo), and “I lacked common sense through my words and actions. For that, I truly sincerely apologize” (Zico).

I’m Sorry.

I’ll be the very first to give words of apology.

Even before this Thailand’s interview, there have been many words asking if we aren’t too free-spirited.
I think that despite being authorized to show this side to the public, we did not heed the small warnings, instead acting as if it was our merit, and caused this result.
I believe that every member was foolish.

I watched the Thailand interview video through the fans’ SNS messages and more.
Honestly, I was very surprised. I thought, “Those people in that video are us..
We were doing this media interview in such an irreverent manner” and I felt very ashamed.
I could really understand why people are saying that Block B is disgracing the country.

I, who was distracted with other things during the interview and overlooking rather than controlling the younger member’s behaviors, bow my head once again and give my apologies.

I will work harder than ever before. I will work harder and compensate through better music.
To the victims of the Thailand flood and our fans, I would like to apologize to everyone again.

We’ll show a more mature and humble Block B and Taeil. I’m sorry.

And Leader Zico’s apology.

With our crooked manners and behaviors beyond our common sense, we truly apologize in causing uproar in regards to the residents of Thailand who hadn’t necessarily come out of the shock of the flood.

Despite being an adult, we’re very embarrassed that we not only behaved absurdly or in such suggestive manner, but that we did not reckon the national disaster it had caused as well as the hearts of the victims of the flood.

From sitting while leaning against the sofa to shaking our legs and having side conversations with the members throughout the interview, as a public figure, we think that we cannot excuse ourselves in any way nor receive any form of forgiveness in that we could not differentiate the lines between acting freely to acting purely on our own desires, thoughtlessly trying to liven up the atmosphere in which we couldn’t control, and that we made a mistake in ruining the image we have of our country to those in Thailand today.

I am currently truly reflecting over my actions as I apologize in bowing my head again.

I apologize for my disrespectful interview in that I have caused another wound on top of the already existing scar and that I am ashamed. I’m sorry and sorry again.




Here are their apologies:

Jihoon’s apology http://twitpic.com/8m2aw6 http://twitpic.com/8m2axa
Jaehyo’s apology http://twitpic.com/8m2a71
Taeil’s apology http://twitpic.com/8m287p http://twitpic.com/8m288o
Zico’s agology http://twitpic.com/8m26um http://twitpic.com/8m26va
Minhyuk’s apology http://twitpic.com/8m27fy
Kyung’s apology http://twitpic.com/8m2cww
U-KWON’s apology http://twitpic.com/8m26i3

In my opinion, i think that it has blown way out of proportion. Of course anyone would get angry if someone made a statement about it however they have said their apologies and have not tried to shy away from what they have done, I also think that they have recognized their mistakes even though their actions was not excusable , but as humans we make mistakes and we learn from them, this makes us better people. But this is just my opinion..comment below and tell us what you think??

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