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INFINITE’s Sungjong graduates from high school!!

INFINITE‘s cute maknae Sungjong has graduated from high school!

On February 7th, Sungjong shared a photo of himself in uniform, leaving a short message that read “Graduation“.

Sungjong’s older female fans (or ‘noona‘ fans) swooned over this final shot of Sungjong in a high school uniform, as he’ll be wearing it for the last time. It now marks his transition period into adulthood.

Netizens responded to the picture by saying, “Congratulations Sungjong!” and “You’re an official adult now! Congratulations!

Hilariously, fellow member Hoya wrote, “Congratulations~!!! Now it’s time to practice? ^^“.

INFINITE are currently getting ready for their upcoming concert, which will be held on February 11th and 12th.

Source & Image: Sungjong’s Twitter via allkpop

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One comment on “INFINITE’s Sungjong graduates from high school!!

  1. he’s super xute~xDDD

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