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Ailee and BEAST’s Gi Kwang are a romantic couple?

The teaser video of Ailee’s digital single Heaven, revealed on February 7 via major music-downloading sites such as YouTube and Melon, features Ailee and B2ST’s Gi Kwang as a romantic couple.

In the teaser video, Ailee and Gi Kwang play a refreshing, romantic couple who just confessed their ardent love. The beguiling combination of Ailee with a shy smile and Gi Kwang in a chic black suit drew an explosive response from people who saw the teaser video.

In particular, Ailee is recently attracting the focus of the greatest attention thanks to her impressive appearance in Dream High 2 as a talent with superior dancing and singing abilities.

Earlier, Ailee appeared in a special pilot TV show on the MBC network, showing off her excellent singing ability before senior singers. They highly praised her well-honed performance. Thanks to the brief appearance of the show, she could gain some fame even before making her debut. That’s why the recent release of her debut song’s teaser attracts such a huge attention.

Source: TV Report
Translated by: minongzi @ en.korea.com

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