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How much does Girls’ Generation earn?

If there is one thing that the public is curious about, it has to be celebrities’ earnings because of the rarity of which they is mentioned. However, there are celebrities who drop hints at their salary, and Girls’ Generation is one of them.

Girls’ Generation made an appearance on “Happy Sunday” awhile ago, where member Yuri commented, “We split event fees equally nine ways. The person who earns the most is probably the member who does the most advertisements.”

tvNeNEWS” dug deeper in analyzing the nine members’ individual intakes. According to “eNEWS,” Jessica and Tiffany — who acted in musicals “Legally Blond” and “Fame” respectively — earned 3 million won (approximately 2,600 USD) per performance, totaling 30 million won over ten performances.

Taeyeon earned approximately 318 million won over her two years as a radio DJ and through her musical performances (radio DJs earn about 4 hundred thousand won per day).

The youngest member Seohyun comes in with about 400 million won because of her various activities as a model (models earn about 200 million won per advertisement).

Lastly, Yoona has pocketed something in the vicinity of 3.4 billion won through her personal activities in dramas and advertisements (approximately 1 billion won for her drama appearances and 2.4 billion for her six advertisements).

As a group, they brought in 60.1 billion won ($53.9 million USD) through their Japanese activities alone.

Source: Star Today via koreaboo

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