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Tokyo Jihen to release their official book

After announcing their sudden disbandment, Tokyo Jihen has revealed that they will be releasing their first and final official book, “Channel Guide -Tokyo Jihen Official Book-“, on February 29th.

The book will feature long interviews with the members, photos from their nationwide tour, “DOCUMENT:LIVE TOUR 2011 DISCOVERY“, and interviews with the staff titled “Tokyo Jihen no Tsukuri Kata” (How to make Tokyo Jihen). It will also include making-of pictures from “Konya wa Karasawagi” by Hata Toshiki (Dr),  and cross-dressing photos of the members.

Pre-sales will take place at the venues of the band’s last tour, “Tokyo Jihen live tour 2012 ‘Domestique Bon Voyage’“, starting February 14th.

Tokyo Jihen’s new song, “Sanjunisai no Wakare“, has started is distributions through Chaku-Uta sites and iTunes Store. Additionally, the live footage for “Onna no Ko wa Daredemo“, “Zettai Zetsumei“, and “Atarashii Bunmei Kaika” from their upcoming DVD/Blu-ray, “Discovery“, is now available theirofficial website.

Source & Image: natalie via tokyohive

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