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Park Shi Hoo exhibits his smooth charisma for ‘Sure’ Magazine

Actor Park Shi Hoo showcased his fierce charisma for the February edition of ‘Sure‘ Magazine.

Different from his usual nice guy-next-door image, the actor displayed a more masculine and chic charm that also appealed to the readers.

He proved that with his good looks, he could pull off a variety of different looks that included a comfortable, casual look, a trendy jean and blazer combo, and an up-scale dressy look for a night on the town.

Park Shi Hoo’s poses melted the hearts of fan girls everywhere, as he casually leaned on the sofa, gazing seductively towards the camera.

His chic new look will work well for him, as the actor will be acting alongside Jung Jae Yong in his new thriller movie, ‘I’m A Serial Killer‘.

Source & Image: Dispatch via allkpop

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One comment on “Park Shi Hoo exhibits his smooth charisma for ‘Sure’ Magazine

  1. surely.my heart is melting!totally smitten.with or without those guyliners,he rocks.so masculinely charming.can’t say anything more!!!

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