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[ANNOUNCEMENT] To our viewers (please read)

OneAsiaa has been on a leave for a while now but as some of you might have noticed, we are slowly coming back by posting more frequently. Below are just a few things some of you might be wondering if we will still do and things we will not.

If there are anything you are not clear about, please leave a comment and we will get back to you. Check out the post below:

Variety Shows

Which variety show would you want us to post? We are not Korean, nor do we fully know the language so if the video does not have subs we cannot sub them. However, we will look past YouTube and into other sites to try and find subbed videos.
If you have a specific show you want us to be posting, please comment below. If you do not want to comment, below is a poll of variety shows, you could click on which you would want to watch.


It is 2012 already and there have been really great dramas airing, however, for us to post them, we will have to watch them first to make sure the videos are good to watch or if the videos are in good format for you guys to watch.
The only problem with this is the fact that most of us have other things doing than to watch these new shows. We rarely have the time to post daily, being able to provide a few hours to watch these shows will unfortunately be impossible. Even if it is possible for us to post these new dramas, it would feel like a chore rather than entertainment for us. So please understand our situation.

Anime Shows

Out of our regular viewers, we know there are a few anime lovers. For this we are still working on things you would like us to do for you.  Any suggestions? Please comment below. Whether it is you want us to summarize each episode of a show for you or to review it, please tell us in comment below. We anticipate what you have to say.

Artist Profiles

This has been one of the things we notice about 60% of our viewers view so we will definitely continue to post these profiles.


The translation and lyrics we post are another one of our popular posts so of course we will keep on posting lyrics whether or not we get to post daily news.
In addition, as we mentioned earlier, we do not know the Korean or the Japanese language well enough to translate these lyrics. With this being said, please support the people who actually make these lyrics and translations; examples would be Romanization.wordpress and pop!gasa.

Music Shows

We will also start to upload music shows from now on. This will hopefully begin this week.
M!Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo are the popular music shows so will start working on them ASAP.


Our online magazine, MAHG, has been on a hold since October because we could not handle doing so much plus our regular schedule with a few members in our family. We still do not know if we will bring MAHG back. Did you enjoy reading MAHG? Tell us what you think below. If a good amount of people like MAHG, we still think of a way to bring it back.

Music Chart

Our music charts will be coming back but no date has been decided on when.
Hopefully we talked about things you have been wondering about on our site. Any topic we missed that you want an answer to?
In relative news, for the next week or so our pages will be under construction. We would want to put the entire site under-co to redo everything. However, being that we just came back after a break, it’s only fair to not do that.

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Co. Founder and Administrator. I'll try my best to post asian news to fit your interest. ^^

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