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JYJ’s documentary ‘The Day’ canceled 10 days before big screen premiere


JYJ‘s documentary movie ‘The Day‘ has suddenly been canceled just 10 days before it’s official debut.

JYJ’s CJES Entertainment stated that it is due to CJ CGV breaching the contract which they are now appealing, and the fans who heard the news were also outraged.

On the 30th, CJES Entertainment reported through an official press release that JYJ’s ‘The Day’ movie debut has unfortunately been canceled, and are arguing that it is due to CGV breaching the contract due to unknown reasons.

We have consulted them for over a month since last December and even signed the contracts on the 20th last month, but they informed us that because the contract was not approved by a final arbiter, the contract now needed to be initialized,” CJES reported.

CGV came to their own defense stating, “CJES went ahead and released the Press Release(s), letting the public know of the movie release even before the contracts were finalized.”

But according to CJES, CGV did not carry out the proper processes which made it quite difficult for the movie to air.

CJES called this senseless, and that they feel there were a lot of outside pressures and factors that were incorporated into their decision. “We can’t understand that they have canceled the contract after being denied boarding compensation, even though they had already agreed to everything in the PRs. The fact that they breached the contract after the PRs were released shows that a lot of outside pressures applied to their decision. They are abusing their position as a major franchise / entity that holds all the cards, and we will file this injustice with a civil complaint to the Fair Trade Commission and the Grievance Committee.”

Representative Baek Changjoo of CJES stated, “These senseless things are not in line with the law and happens to JYJ about 2-3 times a week. We don’t have the right nor the resources to fight against a large corporation, but we don’t want anyone else to become victim of this injustice, and therefore we will not hesitate or resign from fighting this case.”

JYJ fans and netizens alike are also showing their support. Fans on portal site Daum Agora are petitioning for CJ CGV to issue a clear explanation, and are even planning on boycotting the franchise.

In related news, the trailer for JYJ’s documentary ‘The Day’ had even aired on cable channel QTV last year, but was unfortunately canceled just a few days before it’s official big-screen release. JYJ is facing extreme difficulty performing on TV after leaving their former label, SM Entertainment.

Source & Image: Edaily via Nate via allkpop

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