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Check out the first teaser for upcoming movie “GIRL”!

On January 28th, the official site of the upcoming movie “GIRL” (starring Karina) updated with its first teaser.

“GIRL” is directed by Fukagawa Yoshihiro (“Byakuyako”, “Kamisama no Karute”) and follows the lives of four beautiful women. It depicts their problems balancing love and work.  The film features a great ensemble of actors, led by Karina who plays the main character.

Her three female friends are played by Aso KumikoKichise Michiko, and Itaya Yuka. The male cast is made up of Mukai OsamuKamiji YusukeHayashi Kento, and Kaname Jun. Even more women power will be added with appearances by HaruDan Rei, and Kato Rosa.

The plot is based on a collection of short stories by Okuda Hideo (51). His real-life descriptions of a woman’s feelings resonated with readers, and his books sold more than 30,000 copies. The movie takes four of his five stories and weaves them into one long narrative.

Takigawa Yukiko‘ (Karina) works at a advertising company and loves fashion, trends, and gossip. She also has a good-looking boyfriend (Mukai). ‘Takeda Seiko‘ (Aso) works at a real estate company, is married and has no children. Her husband is played by Yamiji, while Kaname portrays her subordinate. ‘Kosaka Yoko‘ (Kichise) is a single woman who works for a well-established stationary manufacturer. She’s interested in the new guy at her workplace (Hayashi). ‘Hirai Takako‘ (Itaya) is a single mother who works for a car manufacturer.

With fashion as one of the main themes, Karina will wear a total of 23 different outfits throughout the film. In addition, Ayo will wear 22, Kichise 16, and Itaya 15 different outfits.

“GIRL” is scheduled for release on May 26th.

You can check out the teaser below!

Source: Official Site via tokyohive

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