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TS Entertainment releases official website for B.A.P

New boy band on the block B.A.P has certainly made a big explosion into the Korean music scene with their music video for debut single, “Warrior. To add more visual effects to their explosive debut, TS Entertainment has also released B.A.P’s official website: http://www.tsenter.co.kr/bapwarrior 

Fans can now watch the full music video by going to their official site as well as learn more about the members. Full resolution photos and teasers are also available for new fans to check out.

Their debut single “Warrior” was composed Kim Kibum and Kang Jiwon, who have previously worked with Secret and BANG&ZELO. The full single consists of an intro track “Burn it Up” and the title track “Warrior,” as well as “Unbreakable” and “Secret Love (Feat. Song Jieun Of Secret).”

B.A.P’s members are rapper Bang Yongguk, Himchan (1990), Daehyun (1993), Youngjae (1994), Jongup (1995), and maknae Zelo (1996), who have all showed promising new dance and vocal styles to bring to the Korean hip hop scene.

Source: TS Entertainment via koreaboo

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One comment on “TS Entertainment releases official website for B.A.P

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