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NMB48 introduces their Team M members!

On January 26th, AKB48’s sister unit NMB48 based in Namba, Osaka, held a press conference for the formation of their new team, “Team M.”  This will be the second team of NMB48 after “Team N” that was formed back in March 2011.

“Team M” consists of 16 members who have been chosen among the research students, and 14 members attended the press conference (Kinoshita Momoka and Yogi Keira were absent due to being sick).   At the press conference, it was also announced that Shimada Rena has been chosen as the captain for the team.  Shimada commented, “Since I’m given this important task, I would like to lead the team as one.”  She continued, “Though I’m the shortest amongst the members, I want to lead them in my own way while cherishing each of the members.  I would like to hold a concert that includes an acting segment, instead of just singing and dancing.

Below are the members of NMB48 “Team M”

• Ota Riona
• Kawakami Rena
• Kinoshita Momoka
• Kodakari Yuuka
• Shimada Rena
• Jo Eriko
• Takano Yui
• Tanigawa Airi
• Hikawa Ayame
• Fujita Runa
• Mita Mao
• Murakami Ayaka
• Murase Sae
• Yagura Fuuko
• Yamagishi Natsumi
• Yogi Keira

Source & Image: Cinematoday + NMB48 official site via tokyohive

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