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Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea reveals she’s become a vegetarian?

Brown Eyed Girls‘ Jea has revealed that she’s become a vegetarian.

On January 26th, she tweeted, “Ah~ I think many of you were surprised by my English skills ^^; I did get better at it, but I actually requested the help of my friend who lives in the States, hehe. I’m embarrassed by all the compliments, hehehe. *Cry* I’m hungry, but I’m a vegetarian whose reality is that pizza is not an option ㅜㅜ .”

As Korea’s most prolific celebrity animal rights activist, singer Lee Hyori expressed her pleasant surprise at Jea’s admission. “Vegetarian?!”, she wrote, to which Jea responded, “I used to not be able to live without meat, but I felt as if my personality was becoming somewhat wild, so I quit meat. Ahem… this is my second week.”

Those who saw the exchange commented, “Hehe, Hyori unni was the first to take notice at the word ‘vegetarian’”, “You’re slender even now, but I guess you’ll become even more slender~”

In related news, the Korean Vegetarian Confederation chose Hyori for the title of ’2011′s Famous Vegetarian Singer’. Hyori is known to have become a vegetarian after she began volunteering at an animal shelter in 2011.

Source + Photo: TV Report via Naver via allkpop

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