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Girls’ Generation member Jessica makes her first appearance on ‘Wild Romance’

Girls’ Generation member Jessica made her first appearance on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Wild Romance‘.

On the seventh episode of the drama that aired on January 25th, Jessica plays the role of Kang Jonghee, the former girlfriend of Park Mooyeol (played by Lee Dongwook).

For the character Park Mooyeol, Jessica’s Kang Jonghee is the ‘one that got away’, the one girl that he never got over. Kang Jonghee enters the story when Park Mooyeol is close to opening up his heart toYoo Eunjae (played by Lee Siyoung), completely changing their relationship.

A love triangle is then formed, between Jonghee, Park Mooyeol, and Yoo Eunjae who has captivated the viewers with her feminine, yet chic and rugged charms.

In the story that unfolds, Kang Jonghee returns from her business trip overseas and meets with her friend Sooyoung (played by Hwang Sunhee). The two approach Mooyeol, and Jonghee jumps into his arms.

Jonghee, who wouldn’t free Mooyeol from her embrace finally says, “I missed you.”

Though she didn’t have much camera time, the singer still managed to make a strong entrance. Check out Jessica’s full clip below!

C: allkpop

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