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Check out the full trailer and new teaser for “SPEC~Ten”!!!

The official website for the upcoming movie, “SPEC~Ten“, has finally been updated with a second teaser and a full-length trailer.

‘SPEC~Ten’ brings back its two protagonists, Toma Saya (Toda Erika) and Sebumi Takeru (Kase Ryo), who’ve already solved various cases related to people with SPEC (special abilities) in last year’sTBS drama. In the movie they will have to case about some mysterious mummified bodies that have been found on a cruiser ship. Of course, they will continue to find answers to the questions raised at the end of the drama.

Sebumi had children? What’s with Toma’s glowing hand, her real SPEC? And why are they pointing their guns at each other?

The newly released trailer sure does raise some more questions, which makes the waiting time until its release even harder. However, a few things stayed the same, such as Toma’s love for gyoza, her special method of connecting clues, an even creepier Juichi (Kamiki Ryunosuke), and the drama’s theme song, “NAMInoYUKUSAKI” by THE RICECOOKERS.

We also finally get a more decent look at the new characters played by Kuriyama ChiakiIto Atsushi, and Asano Yuko.

SPEC~Ten” is scheduled to open in Japan on April 7th.

Not all questions from the drama are going to be answered in the movie. As a drama special with the title ‘SPEC~Sho‘ will include a lot more answers. TBS has yet to announce the airing date for the special, but today it was already announced that its DVD & Blu-Ray release is going to happen before the movie opens in cinemas. The DVD & Blu-Ray will go on sale on April 4th and, aside from the special episode, will include various bonus footage such as a making-of, a 4-minute-long drama digest, and more info about the movie.

Now check out the second teaser and the full-length trailer for “SPEC~Ten” below!


Sources: Official SiteCinemaTodayWalkerplus via tokyohive

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