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AKB48 members talk about their Valentine’s Day experiences

On January 23rd, ‘Seven & I‘ held a press conference for their upcoming “Valentine Fair“. The event was attended by AKB48 members Maeda AtsukoTakahashi MinamiItano Tomomi, andSashihara Rino, who had fun sharing their past Valentine’s Day experiences.

Itano revealed, “Back during 6th grade in primary school, I bought chocolate worth $10 and brought it all the way to the boy’s house.” The other members were surprised, “That’s scary!!

Meanwhile, Takahashi explained her yearly routine. “From 1st to 6th grade in primary school, I was always giving the chocolate to the same person.

Maeda didn’t share similar experiences and said, “I don’t think I ever fell in love nor ever gave chocolate to a boy during my student days. Except for making chocolate during a commercial, I don’t really have any sweet valentine memories.

On Valentine’s Day, the members of AKB48 are also very busy exchanging chocolate among themselves. Of course, homemade chocolate is the only real valentine gift, much to the despair of Sashihara. “I’m always left out of the event,” she said. “Every year I want to make homemade chocolate, but my body just doesn’t know how.

Starting on the 27th, ‘Seven & I’ will begin their “Valentine Fair” along with the special chocolate set, “AKB48 Honmei wa Dare? Choco“, which will be sold online, as well as at 7-ElevenIto-Yokado, and other stores. The set consists of either three or five chocolate bars; one of them bitter chocolate and the rest milk chocolate. More importantly, all of the sets will contain a picture with a kissing face of an AKB48 member.

‘Seven & I’ will also start broadcasting a CM on the same day, featuring the group’s song “Sweet & Bitter“, which will be included in their upcoming single, “GIVE ME FIVE!” (on sale February 15th).

S: tokyohive

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