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JYJ’s documentary “The Day” scheduled to be released in time for Valentine’s Day

A documentary covering the every day lives of the JYJ members is about to open in theaters.

JYJ’s agency CJES Entertainment remarked, “JYJ’s documentary that should have broadcasted last year will now be playing in theaters everywhere. ‘The Day‘ is a special release for the fans just in time for Valentine’s Day, and it will introduce their lives in full.”

In the past, JYJ has introduced their true selves to the fans through various mediums. They published a ‘music essay’ that was full of their own writing and became an immediate best seller. The boys also established a photo exhibit of their photos from their World Tour, which was met with a positive reaction from fans.

Their newest documentary is 90 minutes long, and fans will get a chance to see the three members engaging in every day activities, and the boys will also be sharing their dreams, their friendships, the things that bring them the greatest joy, and more.

CJES Entertainment remarked, “This documentary is especially unique, because fans will get to hear the members’ commentary throughout the 90-minute documentary. The boys had a really good time recording it, and they could not stop laughing throughout the process.”

They also revealed, “In addition to the sweet fan meet-and-greet they had last year on White Day, the boys will not only be releasing the documentary in time for Valentine’s Day, they are also preparing for a few surprise stage performances to take place in different cities throughout the nation“.

We are both nervous and excited that our everyday lives will be exposed to the fans over the big screens,” JYJ said. “As we watched the documentary while recording the commentaries, we couldn’t believe how much we laugh on a regular basis. It reveals the real us, and it tells the true story of our friendship. We hope that this will serve as a special gift and a good memory for our fans this Valentine’s Day.”

The Day‘ opens in 20 different major CGV multiplexes on February 9th, and more detailed information can be found on the CJES official homepage as well as the CGV homepage in late January.

Meanwhile, the JYJ boys are scheduled to embark on their South American tour in March, and tickets began selling last week at a highly impressive rate.

Source & Image: KJ Today via Nate via allkpop

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