Naruto Shippuden is back on track!!!

Finally Naruto Shippuden is back on track! From episode 242 the actual story line continues.

For the past episodes, as some of you might already know, Naruto Shippuden has mainly been fillers some of you might consider a waste of time. Fortunately for us, the torture is over now that the show is back on the road. I’m talking about Naruto-kicking-awesome-butt episodes from now and hopefully time a long while from now.

In Episode 245, especially, is when things get fired up.

I will not be a spoiler and just tell you you 100% have to watch this episode. To fully understand the awesome of this episode [if you do not read themanga] you should start watching from episode 242.

If you will like to watch the episodes, I recommend http://www.crunchyroll.com/ or http://www.nwanime.com



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2 comments on “Naruto Shippuden is back on track!!!

  1. Great post man, and your right finally naruto is back on track wass getting tired of those filler episodes. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! And yes~ we can now get back to watching some awesome episodes. Since they did fillers for a very VERY long period of time. Hopefully the actual episodes go on for a long time as well before fillers again.

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