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Song Joong Ki is changing into a muscular guy: “Here’s my diet plan”

Actor Song Joong Ki is working hard to become a muscular guy.

In the episode of TV Chosun’s Entertainment in TV which airs on January 13, “the issue searchers” reported that actor Song Joong Ki is working his guts out to feature perfect body shape in the movie Wolf Boy.

Song’s diet menu was also revealed. His menu was filled with chicken breasts, boiled eggs, and protein powder shakes to increase body muscles.

In addition, a personal trainer Big Jo, who has helped 300 top stars, including Lee Byung Hun, Lee Bum Soo, and Han Chae Young, to shape beautiful body figures, said in an interview“Lee Byung Hun sometimes calls me in the middle of the night to ask me about building perfect body figure. It means that top stars’ perfect figures are based on thorough training.”

Besides this, Entertainment in TV reports other interesting news: the scandal of soccer star Park Ji Sung and entertainer Hyun Young, the concert of Cha Seung Won and Soo Ae, Ko Young Wook’s feature called “Ride on a Bus,” and “the Cold Chart” that shows rankings of stars as commercial models according to people’s preference.

Source: TV Report

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