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How much does IU’s outfits cost?

Most stars grab the attention of people at formal events by dressing in brand name clothing. Many new stars try to attract more eyes by searching for even better brand names than what others wear in the entertainment business.

The nation’s little sister, IU, however is different. Her clothing picks have garnered the nickname “Dongdae trademark.” On January 4th, at the “Ice Flower Proceeds Event Ceremony” she wore low cost clothing. She also donated 730,000 won but her own personal style that day only added up to about 5,000 won or about $50 USD.

Korean news site, Dispatch, researched the clothing and IU’s overall style. Here is what they had to say:

Brand and Price: IU’s clothes are a product that is being sold at shopping malls for about 4,740 won. It is made of polyester and is a dress composed of a feminine pink accent on a more serious dark colored background. The pink dot designs on the pockets are the point in this design. The round buttons are offset with square pockets to create a more reactive feel. This outfit also pinches in at both sides of the hip revealing a more trim figure.

Styling: This style adds emphasis on IU’s typical cute and eye-catching style. The navy colored dress and pink dots combined create a lovely feel. IU matches this with nude pumps that make her legs look longer and skinnier. By finishing off her look with a ponytail accented by a black ribbon, it creates an overall lively effect.

Star rating: ★★★★

IU is able to take any kind of clothing, regardless of whether it’s brand name and pull off a great style. She has great fashion sense in matching together her hair and clothing to create a totally different flair. She also goes the extra mile by keeping her legs bare in the cold weather. Overall, this style goes well with IU’s 20 year old youthful feel.

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Source: Dispatch via koreaboo

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