Beijing Love Story releases long trailer!

Conceived in around 2007 (when the male leads were working on Soldiers Sortie) and having been in production since the end of 2010, Beijing Love Story 北京爱情故事 will finally air beginning on January 7, 2012 on Zhejiang TV. The drama features, as the name suggests, a series of love stories set in Beijing. For a profile on the lead characters of the drama, look under the cut. The drama is produced by Li Chen and written and directed by Chen Sicheng.  Will Chen Sicheng achieve first-time scripting success like his Central Drama Academy shidi and fellow actor Wen Zhang?

A 17-minute trailer can be viewed below.

Cheng Sicheng both acts as the lead Cheng Feng and is the writer/director for the drama.

The son of the head of the Tiancheng Corporation, Cheng Feng is a stereotypical “prince”. His biggest hobby is chasing after girls. When he falls in love with his friend Shi Xiaomeng’s girlfriend, however, he begins to reform himself.

Tong Liya as Shen Bing (the “Winter” of the series)

Shen Bing is Shi Xiaomeng’s girlfriend and also came from a village in Yunnan Province. Her father drowned saving her when she was young, and Shen Bing’s mother is troubled by insanity. Cheng Feng falls in love with her at first sight.

Zhang Yi as Shi Xiaomeng

Shi Xiaomeng came from the countryside and stayed in Beijing after completing college, although he must fight to survive. He is steadfast friends with Wu Di and Cheng Feng. When he learns that Cheng Feng has fallen for his girlfriend, Shi Xiaomeng changes his perspective on life and becomes determined to gain wealth and status.

Yang Mi as Yang Zixi (the “Spring” of the series)

Yang Zixi works for a fashion magazine as a copy editor(?). She was formerly Wu Di’s girlfriend, but feeling that she would not have a good future with him, Yang Zixi breaks up with him and dates the wealthy playboy “Andy” (Yuan Wenkang). After Andy leaves her, Yang Zixi finds that the faithful Wu Di has already began to find love with Wu Mei…

Li Chen as Wu Di

Wu Di is a white-collar worker who cannot forget Yang Zixi, his ex-girlfriend-turned-golddigger. Later, he develops a relationship with his superior, Wu Mei. (note: Wu Di and Wu Mei do not share the same last name; 吴 as in Wu Di and 伍as in Wu Mei just happen to be romanized the same way.)

Zhang Xinyi as Lin Xia (the “Summer” of the series)

Lin Xia works under the same magazine that Yang Zixia as the editor of a romance/emotions column. She is Cheng Feng’s former girlfriend, and although she knows that Cheng Feng is unfaithful, she feels that he treats her in a special way and is willing to wait for him.

Mo Xiaoqi as Wu Mei (the “Autumn” of the series)

Wu Mei is a charming high-level manager at a security company and Wu Di’s direct superior. She was also once Wu Di’s half brother Wu Wei’s girlfriend. Attracted by Wu Di’s sincerity, she rejects the advances of Wu Wei in order to pursue Wu Di.

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2 comments on “Beijing Love Story releases long trailer!

  1. im from nigeria i have watched the film and its very very good call +2347033436786

  2. im from nigeria i have watched the film and its very very good. call +2347033436786

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