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Rocker & Critical Darling “The Black Skirts” Recommends 2NE1 to his Friends

During a recent series of interviews, singer is Black Skirt / Geomjeong Chima mentioned liking 2NE1 as his favorite girl group.

You can hear the rumbling of mountains coming from many different places in “Our Youthful Love” from his latest album “Don’t You Worry Baby” showing the influence of the singer Kim Kwang-seok. However, the Black Skirts said he was not really with the music made by his seniors.

He also added : “Our country’s most influential musicians are Seo Taiji and DEUX“. Even if he has mainly interacted with Korean indie musicians since his debut, when asked what kind of music he currently listens to he replied: “I like the girlgroup 2NE1. They’re pretty unusual and full of qualities.’

In another article he was asked, Q. Is there an album or a musician you particularly recommend to your friends who live in America? To which he responded, A. 2NE1.

The Black Skirts is a solo artist, his real name is Jo Hyu-il. He released his debut album entitled 201 in 2008.
He won the Best Modern Rock award at the Korean Music Awards in 2010. Naver says he’s under a label named Doggyrich, but also under Sony Entertainment Korea. He is featured in Simon D‘s solo album in the track “Eh Hey” as well as Verbal Jint‘s Go Easy album in “You Look Good“. He’s currently working on his third album…

Formally called Castel, The Black Skirts A.K.A 검정치마, decided to formally change their name to The Black Skirts for the purpose of international promo only. “I personally prefer to be called 검정치마.“. “The band is a vehicle for me to present the Castel Prayon songs to a korean audience without coming off as a lo-fi american indie band.”

Here is one of his songs below, it’s fully English.

The Black Skirts (검정치마) International Love Song
Source: vmspacekukinews, Naver.com
Translated by Kaeryn @ygladies.com

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