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KAT-TUN announces their nationwide tour for 2012

On November 25th, KAT-TUN attended the press conference for their new CM with Suzuki, where they announced that they’ll be holding a nationwide tour starting on Feburary 11th, 2012. It will be their first nationwide tour in 2 years, and so they’ll be visiting 12 cities, including Niigata, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

The pop group revealed that they’re planning to hold the tour’s final stage in disaster-stricken Sendai, thus becoming the first  Johnny & Associates group to hold a concert there after the Tohoku earthquake. It’s a long-awaited live for both the group and their fans, since the earthquake forced the cancellation of KAT-TUN’s first 5 Dome tour and big open-air live event in the area.

Everybody, we are sorry to have kept you waiting so long,” said member Kamenashi Kazuya.”Let’s have fun together sharing the same time and atmosphere.

The group also announced that they’ll be inviting fans backstage, should they purchase their new single ,”BIRTH“, and win the random lottery.

KAT-TUN will be endorsing Suzuki SOLIO’s specially-designed car, whose design was inspired by KAT-TUN’s new song, “STAR RIDER“. “STAR RIDER” will be included in both their upcoming single and CM.

Source: Chunichi Sports via tokyohive

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