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[REVIEW] Mio Soul – In My Skin EP

New solo artist Mio Soul has stepped into the spotlight with her debut MV for “I Wish“. Mio Soul is singer/songwriter who recently moved from Japan to NYC in an effort to fully express herself via fashion, pop music, R&B and more. Mio Soul is well-defined by her catchy and soulful harmonies. For her debut MV, she took on a rather moving route with ‘I Wish’.

‘I Wish’ is a smooth, urban track expressing the love between a girl and boy. The girl is afraid her love might leave her. As a result, she turns him in her own. [Mio Soul – I Wish (MUSIC VIDEO  のデビュー【 PV 】)

With just recently releasing her EP, ‘In My Skin’, her catchy and soulful sounds has already gained her fans. ‘I Wish’, specifically, has been the one track with a majority of her listeners have downloaded. Below is ‘In My Skin’s review.


Let’s Party

This is upbeat track you could dance to effortlessly. It is sweet club track that you would feel as you begin listening to it. This up-tempo track’s beat is considered outstanding. Unlike some up-tempo song that you would usually get tired off after listening to it a few times, this track is rather smooth when you listen to it. The lyrics, “I don’t care about tomorrow”, tells it’s listeners to relax and have a carefree time as they pin your ears back to this track. Over all, this is one of the best tracks in this EP.


The Past

This song has a much slower than ‘Let’s Party’. This track is more of a dairy written by a girl telling her feelings about a boy she once loved. Although their relationship is over, she still feels for him, dream about him and simply is just reminiscing about ‘The Past’.



This song is a really good track considering the lyrics. “I see my dream…I gotta stay here until my soul comes back to me” is one of her words that catches much attention because of the story she is trying to tell. Although she saw many obstacles in her way, she still fought past all of it. She’s grown stronger and wise as she passed each stage to where she is now.


Out Of My Life

This R&B track is one of the most beautiful tracks in this EP. In this track, Mio’s strong vocal is really expressed. Not much I can say about this track specifically because you really have to listen to you yourself.










You can check out this EP with the link below along with a few links to Mio Soul’s Facebook, twitter, etc.

Homepage:   http://www.iammiosoul.com
Facebook:    http://listn.to/MioSoul
Twitter:         http://www.twitter.com/iammiosoul
Her Bio: http://iammiosoul.com/about/
iTunes:         http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/mio-soul/id476606499
Bandcamp http://stream%20&%20purchase:   http://manafestvisionmedia.bandcamp.com/album/in-my-skin
Amazon:       http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0060SO3D6


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One comment on “[REVIEW] Mio Soul – In My Skin EP

  1. Amazing review! way to go Mio Soul!

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