[RECAP] Heartstrings Episode 15 (Final)

Let Go To Complete Your Dream

After Shin has fallen to the floor while holding his wrist, Kyu Won, Seok Hyun and Yoon Soo all rush to the see if he is alright. Shin pretends he is fine and continues playing. After performing, Shin goes to the bathroom and runs his wrist under water. Kyu Won, Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun, meanwhile are wondering why he is taking so long. Kyu Won then realizes that Shin’s hand may be hurting because of the time when she fell and tells this to Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun. When he comes back, he says that he saw an old friend and chatted for a bit.

Kyu Won meets with the producers and is told that she has to go to England next month and stay for 6 months. There she will train, learn ballet and jazz and see various musicals.
Shin goes to the hospital again and the doctor tell him he has to get surgery and it will be difficult for him to play the guitar afterwards but he gradually improve.

Kyu Won talks to her grandpa about going abroad but her grandpa only responded when Jeong Hyun came in, telling her to do well. Shin and Kyu Won meet up and Kyu Won shows him her passport photo and he decides to keep it. Kyu Won is sad to be leaving Shin and Shin jokingly tells he he isn’t.

While Kyu Won sorts out the clothes she is going to take with her to England, Shin is in his room, trying to play the guitar.
At the school, Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun tell the Chairman they are going to the US for a year.

Joon Hee tells Hee Joo he has a lot of time to spend with her because The Stupid aren’t going to perform at the Catharsis because Shin wants to have a rest. At the same time, Shin is told that his surgery will be next Monday but Shin wants it to be done one month later.

While Yoon Soo has a look around the school for the last time, Seok Hyun meets up with Shin and squeezes his wrist. Shin winces and pulls his wrist away. Seok Hyun asks him how he hurt his wrist and so Shin tells him and that he will need surgery. Shin also tells him not to tell Kyu Won that he will need surgery.

Kyu Won and Shin go to a cafe together and Kyu Won shows him her ticket to England. Shin says that he is starting to feel sad after seeing it. When Shin gets Kyu Won’s order, he drops the tray and holds his wrist. Again, Kyu Won asks if it because of her but Shin denies it again.
After Kyu Won thinks about all the times Shin’s wrist was hurting, she goes to the producer, telling him she doesn’t want to go anymore because there is someone she needs to be with.

Shin and Kyu Won meet again and Kyu Won tells Shin she has decided not to leave. Shin looks at her and suddenly says he wants to break up. His reason? He thinks he won’t be able to wait for her. Shin then gives Kyu Won his phone charm and leaves. Kyu Won gets up and grabs his arm but Shin just takes her hands off. As Shin walks away, Kyu Won starts to cry.

We then see Kyu Won crying in her room as she looks at their “couple” phone charm. Meanwhile, Shin is also in his room crying as he looks at her passport photo.

Since Shin has broken up with Kyu Won, Kyu Won decides to go to England. While Kyu Won looks out of the taxi window, Shin is in hospital, about to surgery.

== One Year Later ==

Kyu Won has a Number 1 OST album and has returned to Korea.
Kyu Won’s dad and Shin’s mom meet and Shin’s mom wants Kyu Won’s dad to work with her. We see that Shin is playing the guitar but his wrist starts to hurt as he does so.

Jeogn Hyun has lesson where she has to recite things and Dong Jin comes in, nagging she isn’t saying it properly. Jeong Hyun says what he is about to say and her teacher laughs.
So Myoung picks up Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun at the airport with his old car. Seok Hyun says he hasn’t changed so he shows a picture of him and Sarang together.

At Hee Joo’s house, Hee Joo’s mom is frustrated in seeing Kyu Won in newspapers all the time. She then tells Myoung Joo to do well in the audition and if she doesn’t pas, she will take care of it. Hee Joo says that she shouldn’t do that.
Tae Joon prepares for the audition and of course, she wants Myoung Joo to be the main lead. He has a good feeling about the auditions because Seok Hyun is there to interfere. Just then, Seok Hyun and Yoon Soo arrive and the man in the hat wants to drop out of Tae Joon’s plans.

Kyu Won is dancing, just like Hee Joo does, and Seok Hyun come in. The two have a chat and Kyu Won tells him that her and Shin broke up before she went to England. Seok Hyun then gives Kyu Won a script for a play he is doing and wants her to audition for it. He tells her that he planning on getting Shin to do the music.

After talking with Kyu Won, Seok Hyun meets Shin and offers to help with the situation between him and Kyu Won but Shin declines. So Seok Hyun gives him the script, telling him he wants him to do the music. He concludes that Kyu Won is going to take part.

Everyone has gathered at the Catharsis apart from Kyu Won and Shin. They all feel sad about Shin and Kyu Won breaking up and Bo Woon wishes for them to get back together.

Kyu Won takes a look at the script in her room. She comes across a poem she has heard before so she goes to her bookshelf. While trying to find a book, she sees the album of Shin’s dad. After looking at it, she goes outside Shin’s house and a few moments later, Shin appears behind her. Kyu Won hands him the album, saying she couldn’t return it earlier because she has been busy. Shin takes it and tells her to go home.
We then see both of them crying in their bedroom.

Shin gives Seok Hyun the songs he has composed but says he doesn’t want to take part in the play. Seok Hyun asks whether it is because of Kyu Won but he says it’s because the guitar doesn’t sound right.
Afterwards, Seok Hyun goes to Kyu Won who is in the dance studio and tells her that Shin isn’t doing it which makes her sad.

In the Stupid’s practice room, Shin plays the guitar and a few minuter later, his friends arrive. They asks whether he is going to start performing at the Catharsis yet but Shin says not yet.
Kyu Won and Shin meet up at a cafe because Kyu Won wants to know the real reason why he isn’t taking part in the play. When Kyu Won asks whether it is because of her, Shin doesn’t answer. Kyu Won says it would be nice working together but Shin really doesn’t want to do it and tells her not to phone him again. When Shin leaves, Kyu Won starts crying.

To get her mind off things, Kyu Won goes to the Catharsis and drinks. At the same time, Shin is spaced out in his room. After having several bottles of beer, Kyu Won falls asleep so Bo Woon calls Shin to take her home since neither her or Soo Myoung can take her. In the end, Kyu Won dad comes because Shin called him. When they get outside the house, the dad sees Shin waiting. After taking Kyu Won to her room, Kyu Won’s dad comes back out and tell Shin that Kyu Won is still thinking about him and ask to get back together or they’ll regret it.
Then we see Kyu Won crying in her sleep.

The next morning, Kyu Won wakes up not knowing who carried her last night. Her dad says it was him but she thought it was Shin.
Seok Hyun gives Kyu Won the songs for the play, saying it was written by a “Stupid boy”.

As Kyu Won listens to the songs, she remember the time when she first met Shin and the times they spent together. We then see Shin as he composes the song.
Kyu Won goes to Seok Hyun, knowing it was Shin who wrote the music and asks why he isn’t doing it when he wrote a song like that. Seok Hyun decides to tell her Shin got hand surgery and that he wanted to be far from her so she wouldn’t worry.

Kyu Won passes The Stupid’s rehearsal room and sees Shin playing the guitar. She goes in, calling him a jerk, asking why he didn’t tell her about his surgery. She says it was hard for her to hate him but now she will hate him. When she leaves, Shin’s eyes get teary.

Kyu Won passes the places where they were together, like the balcony and outside the shop where the stood together in the rain. The two take a walk in the same park and Kyu Won remembers walking there with Shin. Eventually the two see each other and Shin smiles at Kyu Won. They look at each other and Shin goes to Kyu Won and hugs her. They tell each other they misses on another. Shin says “I love you” and kisses her.

The two perform together at the Catharsis where all their friends are present. First Kyu Won sings her song and lastly, Shin sings “You’ve Fallen For Me”.

Editor’s note:
And that’s the end! It’s a shame they only had 15 episodes instead of 16. Thank you for reading my recaps!

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  1. too bad it ended 😦 thx ur RECAP really helped me knowin’ wt’s goin’ on wen i wz dyin’ to load videos …my internet connection sucks ..so comsamida 😀

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  7. #the ending was quite nice .Thank God Shin made de first move


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