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[RECAP] Heartstrings Episode 8

Sweet Crybaby

Kyu Won has just auditioned for the main lead but unfortunately doesn’t pass, making Hee Joo the main lead. While Seok Hyun is talking to Kyu Won, Shin offers to take her home but she rejects. When Seok Hyun offers, she accepts. After Seok Hyun and Kyu Won leave, Shin follows them.
We then see Shin and Kyu Won in sitting at the back of Seok Hyun’s car. However, the two don’t talk to each other and face opposite directions. Seok Hyun asks them if they had a fight and all they do is stay silent. Seok Hyun continues by saying “Considering you two are now neighbors, it must be fate. I’m thankful that Lee Shin managed to get you to the audition on time”

While in the car, Yoon Soo calls Seok Hyun, asking him where he is since they agreed to see a play together. Seok Hyun tells Shin that he can be helpful sometimes. He tells him to go, but Shin says that if  there is any shouting, he should run inside.

Kyu Won goes outside her grandpa’s bedroom and apologizes for doing the auditions and that she failed. She also tells him that she wants to continue doing the musical and she will work hard practicing the gayageum. He comes out asking for the director’s number, then slams the door.

After dropping off Kyu Won and Shin, Seok Hyun hurries to meet Yoon Soo but when he gets there, the performance is over. Yoon Soo says she wants to go home, so her takes her home.

In the car, she asks him why he was late so Seok Hyun tells her about Kyu Won. As he tells her, Yoon Soo’s face doesn’t look to happy.

When Hee Joo gets home, she lies on her bed and thinks of Kyu Won’s performance at the audition and says “What bad luck”. She then gets a choco bar which is in a pretty box, but doesn’t eat it. Instead, she weights herself again.
Meanwhile, Kyu Won is talking to her dad, who is at a supermarket. She tells him about the audition and how people where there to take pictures of her. Her dad then says that she should be buying Shin a big dinner or something (for helping her)

Shin is in his room studying when his sister comes in. She asks him how the auditions went and he says it went …. The next morning, Shin waits outside Kyu Won’s house. When Kyu Won sees him, she thanks him for helping her get to the auditions. She walks ahead and Shin follows. Kyu Won turns around and asks why he is following her so he says “I left by bicycle there yesterday. Because of someone” and leaves.

The two wait at the bus stop together. When the bus comes, Shin was about to get on first but then steps back, letting Kyu Won go first. Shin continues to follow Kyu Won even when they arrive in school and Kyu Won looks tense as he follows her. Eventually, Shin goes a direction and Kyu Won is relieved.

Hee Joo and Kyu Won have a talk and Kyu Won congratulates her. Hee Joo wants her to drop out of the performance team so that she can feel comfortable.
Shin walks into his lesson cheerfully while whistling. His friend wonders why he is in class so early and her tells him Kyu Won is in the newspapers.
Tae Joon is in his office and sees articles about Hee Joo and Kyu Won in the papers.

Tae Joon goes to Yoon Soo’s office, telling her that he wants to make a new team, a team without Seok Hyun. Yoon Soo asks whether he wants to split the teams but Tae Joon says that he only wants Hee Joo and doesn’t care about the other students and Yoon Soo is shocked.
The three girls are in the corridor and when Hee Joo passes, the ‘leader’ reads something from the newspaper about Kyu Won. They then say “She was really good. She was the best”. Hee Joo glares at them and they emphasise the fact that she is the Chairman’s daughter.

While Hee Joo is walking, saying “Worried about losing? I will never lose!”, Joon Hee sees her from the balcony. He is about to call her but then stops because she is already far away. He then finds her crying and puts headphones on her. She stops crying a bit but then looks at Joon Hee asking who he is, why is there and whether or not he is going to turn the music off. All Joon Hee does it press the headphones against her ears and Hee Joo water-works starts again. As Joon Hee watches Hee Joo cry, he too starts tearing up.

Kyu Won is practicing with her friends and she thinks about Hee Joo to drop out of acting. Her friends asks her if anything is wrong, but she says it’s nothing.
We then see Gi Yeong rehearsing with Seok Hyun. He is trying to do a scene where he has meet his first love from a long time, but he can’t get it right. As he is practicing, Kyu Won comes in and she asks Seok Hyun whether she can be moved to the music team instead. He asks her whether she think she is so great that she can just move to the music team, but Kyu Won tells him that she went to the acting team because of him. Seok Hyun replies by saying “I put in the acting team so you should stay there until the end. How can you joke like that?”

When she walks out, she sees Shin and just walks pass. Shin turns about and says “Don’t ignore me”. He asks how they are going to do the rehearsal and Kyu Won says she isn’t going. Shin then says “I wasn’t expecting much anyways” and that he can figure out how to change the music piece on his own (?). Kyu Won gets a little irritated, saying “Then, why did you pretend that you wanted to learn in the beginning? Today, there was a situation, that is why I can’t do it today” Since both of them get angry at each other Shin wants them to ignore each other when they next meet.

Seok Hyun waits outside Yoon Soo’s dance studio and when she comes out, he tells her he is going to make up for the date he couldn’t go to. Yoon Soo asks whether he has heard anything from Tae Joon and Seok Hyun says he hasn’t.
Yoon Soo goes to Tae Joon’s office. She says “The reason I left Kim Seok was because I wanted him to acknowledge me. Jealousy can make people crazy. Saying this, I mean I’m rejecting your offer”. Tae Joon cannot believe what he has just heard.

Seok Hyun talks to the music teacher, Professor Hong, and asks about the music piece which is to be played at the end of the performance. Professor Hong tells him that she has given it to Shin.
Shin and Kyu Won are then called to Professor Hong’s office. She ask how the rehearsal went and after Shin said it was good, she is happy because she says Shin hardly say something like “was good”, so Shin smiles. Professor Hong wants to hear it but Kyu Won tells her she can’t because something came up. So Professor Hong tells Shin to go with her, saying he might gain something from it.Kyu Won cannot believe it but she has no choice but to agree. Although Kyu Won tells him she won’t tell the Professor if he doesn’t go, Shin says it’s okay.

So Shin goes with Kyu Won and watches her give a performance to old people with her band. A man gets up and starts dancing, so Kyu Won also get up to dance since the man is looking at her that she should dance. As Kyu Won dances, Shin is smiling as he watches. Suddenly, an old lady makes Shin dance with her. Kyu Won sees him dancing and he also looks at her, so she laughs.

Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun have a stroll together. Seok Hyun admits that Hee Joo does have talent but then goes on to saying something else. He asks why she is so for Hee Joo but all Yoon Soo says is “Thank you. You’ve made me realize a feeling I wasn’t aware of”. Back with Shin and Kyu Won, the people are having drinks with them. Kyu Won drinks a lot and Shin looks worried. The old man offers Shin a drink but he says that he doesn’t drink alcohol so Kyu Won says she will drink for him. Kyu Won continues to drink large amounts and the a lady that is with them says they wish she would be the wife of her grandson. The lady says he is twelve and Kyu Won laughs saying she like younger boys, making the other laugh expect Shin who gives her a look.

As Shin is walking up the stairs, she finds Kyu Won sitting down, starting to doze off. He has her if she is okay and she replies like she is drunk. Shin then ask if she is drunk and she says “I am not drunk at all~” but then she falls asleep. Shin taps her shoulders and she suddenly raises her hand and grabs Shin’s face, saying “Lee Shin you bastard. I’m worried to death about you”, then her head drops on his shoulders. She then starts talking – “Lee Shin, who are you calling a pumpkin” – making Shin laugh. Just then, Kyu Won’s friends sees them. Her friends looks so happy so they decide to leave Kyu Won and Shin alone. Shin sees them all happy, so he smiles. When they leave, Shin looks at Kyu Won who is mubbling and he can’t help by smile. *(OMG I loved this part! ^-^)*

When Joon Hee talks Hee Joo home, they find that her mother is waiting for them outside the house. He introduces himself by saying “Hello, I’m Han Hee Joo’s boyf-“, then Hee Joo hits his head. Hee Joo’s mom gives a look at Joon Hee and tuts. Before Hee Joo goes in she quitely thanks Joon Hee but he pretends he didn’t hear. She tells him just to leave so he says “Give me a kiss”. After Hee Joo glares at him he says “Goodnight, I’m leaving”.

Then we see Shin give a piggy-back ride for Kyu Won and he says “Grasp onto me.. You might fall…” *(Rrright… You just want her to hold you 😛 hehehe)* Kyu Won calls Shin a fool because she said she will forget about him yet he still hangs around her. Shin even takes Kyu Won to her bed and carefully places a blanket over her. Her grandpa tells him “Good work” and so Shin leaves.
When Shin gets home, his mom asks him what made him so giddy and that he is shining like a bright star. His mom notices tat his face has been brighter the last few days.

The next day, Kyu Won’s grandpa rants at her saying how she is a grown women but she got drunk like crazy and even got carried on a man’s back. Kyu Won doesn’t seem to remember that Shin gave a piggy-back. Her grandpa tells her it was the neighbour’s son and she suddenly remember with a shocked face.
Kyu Won gets out of the door, looking at Shin’s house but she doesn’t realize that Shin is behind her, leaning against the wall. She slowly starts to walk, still having her back to Shin when he surprises her by saying “are you okay?”. He then tells her his back is aching but when he walks ahead, you can see that he is smiling.

Seok Hyun sees Yoon Soo walking. He catches up with her and makes up with her, apologizing for what he said.
Hee Joo’s mom and Tae Joon have a talk about Kyu Won and Hee Joo’s mom wants to get rid of her. She wants Hee Joo to be the only one. Meanwhile, Kyu Won’s friends are deciding how to celebrate Kyu Won’s birthday. Bo Woon suggest celebrating with The Stupid with firecrackers.
At the library, Kyu Won has sat down with a book and Shin comes, slamming a pile of book on the table. He wants her to sum up all the book since he can’t understand it. Since Kyu Won said she is busy, Shin says that they will have to find another person to do her part. When Kyu Won says she will do it, Shin says “Do it by dinner time”. Shin peeps behind the bookcase, watching Kyu Won.

Kyu Won gives the summary to Shin who is waiting in the rehearsal room. Kyu Won goes to her gayageum while Shin reads through what she has given him, as they wait for the others to arrive.
While the The Stupid and Kyu Won and her friends practice, Kyu Won’s grandpa. along with Seok Hyun secretly watches him. After he has heard them playing together, he says that he doesn’t like it because he can’t hear the gayageum.

Dong Jin ask Seok Hyun whether he should come to help and although Seok Hyun hasn’t agreed, he says it’s settled.
As the group is packing up, Bo Woon secretly looks at Joon Hee and the other guy, giving them a nod. Bo Woon says they are going to buy drink, leaving Shin and Kyu Won alone. Suddenly the lights go out and soon after, her friends come in singing Happy Birthday with a cake. While everyone is goofing around, putting icing on each other faces, Shin is looking like a party pooper again (because he didn’t know it was her birthday) Kyu Won notices that Shin hasn’t got icing on his face so she goes to him but he runs away so everyone goes chasing after him.

When Kyu Won is alone, Shin greets her Happy Birthday. Kyu Won then trips as she goes down the stairs and Shin and her friends immediately come rushing.
Seok Hyun is still talking to Dong Jin but he can’t stop fidgeting. Seok Hyun tells him that he has an appointment but Dong Jin keeps talking.
After getting a call from Shin, Seok Hyun and Dong Jin arrive at the hospital. Shin says it his fault for the accident but Kyu Won says he has no involvement in it and nothing is wrong. Shin then says he has a broken rid and a sprained ankle so she can’t go home for a few days. Seok Hyun takes Dong Jin home to get Kyu Won some clothes and Shin stays with Kyu Won.

Kyu Won asks Shin to tell her something funny so he does, but Kyu Won doesn’t find it funny. One of his jokes where “Do you know what the most scariest phone call is? A scary phone call.” As soon as Shin leaves to get her medicine, Kyu Won cracks up because of his lame jokes.
Seok Hyun brings Kyu Won her things and tells Shin to go home, but Shin insists on staying. The nurse comes and tells them that since they are not relatives and they are men, they should wait outside.
While Seok Hyun and Shin have coffee outside, Seok Hyun asks he Kyu Won is helping and he says she is. Seok Hyun says he (Shin) should leave and he tell him is going to check on Kyu Won. Shin follows, saying he should also check.

In the morning Shin goes to hospital, saying he doesn’t understand what she wrote. She teaches it to him and when she asks if he gets it, he nods then says he doesn’t (he just stares at her when she explains). It is already the 3rd time she has explained. She begins explaining it again, trying to be calm and Shin looks at her with a happy face. As Kyu Won continues, Shin falls asleep.

Shin’s friends and Kyu Won’s friends visit her and is surprised that Shin is there. Since they say Kyu Won is bored, they go to a balcony and make fireworks. The guard sees them, so they run and Shin pushes Kyu Won’s wheelchair. As Kyu Won and Shin hide, Shin says “Don’t stop liking me” and fireworks goes off behind them.

Editors Note:
Heartstrings is definitely getting more interesting!

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