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[RECAP] Heartstrings Episode 6

Feelings to be Forgotten

After Lee Shin left Kyu Won, Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun come out of the dance studio holding hands.
It’s raining and we see Shin riding his bike while Kyu Won is crying on the bus. While Shin is cycling, he screams as he remembers what Kyu Won told him and seeing Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun hugging. Shin goes to visit his dad. His dad says that something bad must have happened and Shin nods. He then asks if it is girl problems and Shin doesn’t respond. His dad plays the guitar along with music and Shin really likes it. As his dad plays the guitar, his fingers are shaking a little.

Shin goes to his bedroom with his mom following him. She tells him that the fastest they can move is next week so he should pack his things. SHin only replies with “Okay” while lying on the bed. Before his mom leaves, she asks him if he still goes to learn the guitar (with his dad) and Shin says “Yes”. He then tells her that his “teacher” told him that “He had a girl that he liked. She was his friend’s girlfriend” and that he still likes her. Ji Yeong (his mom), tell him not go there anymore but Shin wants too. Shin tells his mom that he knows his teacher is his dad so she should just let him be. When Ji Yeong leaves the room, she starts tearing up while hitting her chest.

Kyu Won prepares breakfast for her grandpa, but she bought it which makes him mad. She rushes of to school with Shin’s coffee. Seok Hyun drives Yoon Soo to work and Lee Shin sees they are happy as they get out of the car. Kyu Won sees Shin’s bike so she goes to the roof top but finds that Shin isn’t there.

Yoon Soo is walking up the stairs and Shin is waiting for her. She doesn’t notice he is there until he says, “Just as you wished, you found a mature man”. He asks her what he likes about that man, but Yoon Soo tells him she is uncomfortable talking about it. He questions whether she is scared that people will find out about it so she says “Fine then. What do you like about me?”. Shin answers with “Everything. Everything about you”. Yoon Soo tells him that it is the same for her. She likes everything about that person and that she is happy when she is with that person and not him. Finally, Yoon Soo tells Shin “I shouldn’t be the one you sympathize. Now just go back to your rightful place”. As Yoon Soo turns away, Shin tells her that she will do as she wishes and he will give up on her.

Kyu Won goes back to where Shin parked his bike, still holding his coffee on one hand and her gayageum on the other. At the same time, Shin is lying on the grass, looking at the necklace. Kyu Won is still waiting by his bike, looking depressed. After looking at the necklace, Shin manages to throw the necklace away. While Kyu Won is waiting, she remembers about the traditional music practice so she runs off, leaving the coffee behind.

Gi Yeong visits Tae Joon in his office, informing him that he plans to take part in practices. Tae Joon says, “I don’t know about Seok Hyun, but I don’t believe in you” he continues by telling to work hard and not to betray people who believes in him.
Kyu Won is relieved when she sees her friends about to go inside for the practice so she knows she isn’t late. Just as they are about to go in, Kyu Won sees Lee Shin walking (who is also meant to go to practice) so she tells her friends to tell Seok Hyun that she can’t come and chases after Shin.

Kyu Won asks Lee Shin where he is going and why he isn’t going to rehearsal but all he says is “Don’t follow me” and it starts to rain. Back at the rehearsal room, Soo Myoung has arrived with Gi Yeong and he tells students that Gi Yeong is just going to watch. Joon Hee and the other two members of The Studid come and Joon Hee immediately runs over to Gi Yeong, looking very happy. He then says “Isn’t she pretty? She’s my Natasha” while pointing at Hee Joo. Hee Joo looks at him and says “Who said I was yours?” Soo Myoung turns to Gi Yeong and quietly says “This kid is a little, uh… Don’t take him to seriously. You’ll get really annoyed“, while looking at the ceiling. Gi Yeong just laughs.

In Tae Joon’s office, Tae Joon is telling Seok Hyun that he is still against Gi Yeong but he will pretend not to know. He also says that he doesn’t approve of Kyu Won. He says “Hee Joo, you know she is the Chairman’s daughter right? Let’s stop the fake “Solo Competition” now… The school needs money. If we use your name, we can bring in a lot of co-operate sponsors. That’s why I’ve let you stay… Just do as your told” Seok Hyun replies with “It doesn’t matter if your the department head or whatever. The performance is the directors responsibility. Your so-called responsibility, might just be for signing the paperwork. Regarding Lee Kyu Won, I will take care of it. So hyung, don’t worry about it” and Seok Hyun walks out.

When Seok Hyun arrives at the practice room, he finds that everyone is just sitting down instead of practicing. Soo Myoung tells him that the students can’t practice without Kyu Won and the lead guitarist so Seok Hyun calls Kyu Won on his phone, shouting “Lee Kyu Won, where are you?!”
Kyu Won is still following Lee Shin despite the fact it is raining heavily. She tells Seok Hyun that something came up but Seok Hyun wants her to come immediately. He says “If you don’t, don’t even think about taking part in the performance!” and hangs up.

Kyu Won tries to grab Shin’s sleeve but he continues to walk. She suddenly says “Does the world end because you got rejected by a girl?! Do you know what you look like right now? Dirty and messy. You’re doing things sloppily. Don’t even talk about Professor Jung, even I would dump you.” Shin tells her to stop, making her raise her voice as she says “When are you going to stop?!”, making Shin also raise his voice and say “Thats why I’m going to stop!” “From now on, I’ve decided not to be like that”. Lee Shin starts to walk off but after thinking, he goes back to Kyu Won and carries her gayageum for her.

Lee Shin and Kyu Won are both standing, watching the rain pour down. Shin put out his hand to feel the rain drops. Kyu Won looks at him and does the same.

Next we see people bringing in boxes inside the house next to Kyu Wons. Meanwhile, Kyu Won is trying to clean up something her grandpa spilt and as she talks to herself, her grandpa wakes up. Her grandpa starts complaining that the people who are moving in should at least bring rice cake and that they should first greet their sunbaes*. While they are talking, Lee Shin’s sister, Jung Hyun comes, asking for a hammer. The grandpa tells her that they don’t have a hammer and she gets annoyed because they didn’t tell her quicker. As she leaves, she knocks of a plant pot which grandpa treasures so the grandpa chases after her, with Kyu Won following.

The grandpa chases Jung Hyun into her house as she hides behind Lee Shin. Kyu Won comes in and sees Lee Shin so she immediately hides behind her grandpa while telling him quietly that they should leave. However, the grandpa wants her to tell Jung Hyun to apologize so he pushes her forward. When Shin sees Kyu Won, Jung Hyun remembers her as the “squash-looking girl”. Just then, their mom, Ji Yeong, comes in and she says “You’re the famous singer Lee Dong Jin, right?” Ji Yeong asks him if he remembers her and Dong Jin has a flashback.

He remembers a time when Kyu Won’s dad first introduced Ji Yeong to him as the girl he is going to marry.
Meanwhile, Kyu Won’s dad is cleaning a board in his classroom while talking to Shin’s dad. Shin’s dad is asking him to come visit because he has something to say but Kyu Won’s dad says that he might not have time. Shin’s dad lastly says that he doesn’t have much time and he will be waiting for him.

Back in Shin’s house, Jung Hyun is asking her mom how she knows Dong Jin. She says “I know him because of an interview before.” While Shin is looking through old CD’s he comes across one with is his dad’s.
Kyu Won is in her bedroom, thinking about Lee Shin being her neighbour. She then looks at herself in the mirror and gets annoyed at herself because of the way she dressed.

The next morning, Kyu Won goes to Shin’s front door and as she is looking at it, Lee Shin comes out. She turns around and Shin asks her what she is doing. She tells him “Uh? Oh! Garbage collection is on Wednesdays” Lee Shin just looks at her and asks her whether she waited just to tell him that. Of course Kyu Won pretends not and says that she is going to school but starts walking in the wrong direction.

Tae Joon and three other people have a meeting with the Chairman. Tae Joon tells him that they plan to make another team – “One month before the official performance we will decide who will be on stage, that team”. The Chairman is wondering why they want to people into teams when it’s only a school performance so one of the professors tells him that because it is Art and Cultural University’s Centennial Performance, people will be paying close attention. The Chariman says if this matter is about Seok Hyun, he will tell him to be obedient, but Tae Joon says he doing it not because of his personal feelings.

In Seok Hyun’s office, Kyu Won is being scolded for missing practice. Seok Hyun tells her if she misses another practice, she isn’t part of the performance anymore.
While Yoon Soo is walking with Seok Hyun, she tells him that Hee Joo should get the main lead because she dances and sings well. Then they see Shin, but he just walks past them. Seok Hyun calls after him, telling him that he was meant to come with Kyu Won and that if he misses practice, he will also be cut from the performance.

Kyu Won’s dad (Yeon Soo I think) has decided to visit Lee Shin’s dad (Lee Hyun Soo) in hospital. Hyun Soo tells him that he hasn’t got long to live and he is leaving Ji Yeong in to him. He says “I know you still like her. Because of me, you kept your distance from her. Now I am gone, do as you please.” Yeon Soo gets angry at him for saying that, blaming him for the way he and Ji Yeong lives and says “If you want to go, just go quietly”. After he leaves, Hyun Soo has a fit. As Yeon Soo is walking out of the room, he passes Shin. The doctor tells Shin that Hyun Soo just has a fit so he can’t visit him. Shin asks the doctor to give a music book to him.

When Shin gets home, Jung Hyun tells him that she is hungry, so Lee Shin asks if she wants ramen, but she is sick of it. Jung Hyun wants to go ask “the pumpkin” to make pumpkin pancakes but Shin tells her to just order food. However, Jung Hyun still goes to Kyu Won and pretends that Shin wants pancake. So Kyu Won makes the pancakes, giving the good one to Jung Hyun and the bad ones to her grandpa.

When she gets there, she finds out that only Jung Hyun wanted it. Ji Yeong comes in and Jung Hyun tells her that Kyu Won made the pancakes and that she is a good unni. Afterwards, Kyu Won meets with her dad in a cafe who gives her a CD. After her dad asks her how the Narcissistic Prince is, she tell him he is pitiful because of he got dumped. Her dad tells her “Now is your opportunity” He tells her not to regret it later and she asks if he will, to which he quietly says, “Yeah, really regret it”.

In school, Kyu Won reminds Shin that it is the last day of their contract. Lee Shin then asks her to look for a necklace, but then says to forget about it. However, Kyu Won still goes looking for it with her friends. Her friend only finds a silver necklace. (Her friends think that they are looking for Kyu Won’s necklace).

As Shin is unlocking his bike, he gets a call from his mom. We then see them arrive at where a funeral is held and Shin finds out that his dad has passed away. He and his mom go to where his dad is an bow to him. Just before they are about to leave, a woman hands Shin a music book and a guitar, saying that the patient asked to give it to his student. When Shin gets home, he asks his mom whether the people at the funeral place know who they are and she says yes.

While Shin is in his room, he looks at the CD with his dad’s face on it. Jung Hyun comes it and Shin ask whether they look alike and tells her that he was once a guitarist.
Ji Yeong is drinking alcohol. When she says “It would be good if there was heavy rain”, she imagines that Hyun Soo is there talking to her, saying “Yes. That’s right”.

We then see that Kyu Won’s dad has paid a visit to Shin’s dad.
Shin is in his bedroom and as he is playing the guitar, he starts to tear up.

Shin’s friends are practicing their instruments but they look a bit down. Kyu Won and her friends wonder why Shin didn’t come to practice and wonders whether something is wrong. They then see Shin’s friends having lunch so Kyu Won goes up to them. She asks Joon Hee if they what happened to Shin and Joon Hee tells her that his dad passed away.

In the bar, Seok Hyun’s friend is also telling Yoon Soo and Seok Hyun that Shin’s dad passed away and Yoon Soo remembers the time when Shin went to her, talking her that he met his dad for the first time.
Shin is reading the music book in his bedroom and we see a flashback of his dad writing the notes. As Shin reads it, he starts to cry.

His mom then comes into the room, telling him that he can ask her anything he wants. He tells her that he isn’t sure of what he wants to know, then leaves for his part-time job.
Shin goes to the bar and performs but without his band.

Meanwhiile, Kyu Won is still looking for the necklace. Bo Woon comes, informing her that Shin performed at the bar . After finding the necklace, she runs off but when she gets there, she finds that Shin has gone.
We see Shin walking in the rain and he sits down at the same place where he and Kyu Won were standing before. While Yoon Soo is driving, she sees Shin so she goes and gives him an umbrella.

When she turns to go back to the car, Shin grabs her wrist. He hugs her and starts crying as he does so. Kyu Won sees Shin hugging Yoon Soo and she begins to cry because she wanted to be the first person to tell him its going to be okay. Yoon Soo feels sorry for Shin so she pats his back gently. While she holds the necklace, she thinks to herself “Lee Shin is in somebody else’s arm. Not mine”

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  1. I love you park shin hye

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