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[SYNOPSIS/SPOILER] City Hunter Episode 7

Following on for the last episode, NaNa accidently rings the wrong door and thinks there is something going on with Yoon Seong and Soo Hee. After Nana gets the documents she needed for the next room, Yoon Seong tries calling Nana but she refuses to pick up. Young Joo wonders why Soo Hee is with Yoon Seong and as they make their way to the party, Young Joo receives a call from works, leaving Soo Hee on her own again. The look at Jin Pyo’s fake profile, finding out that he has an antler business in America and is called Steve.

After Yoon Seong tries calling Nana, he goes to his dad’s house only to find out that his father knows everything he and ahjussi are trying to hide. Young Joo and the other prosecutors arrive. Jin Pyo introduces his name as Steve and Young Joo sees the Pororo toy Do Jin gave to Yoon Seong. As Jin Pyo goes to get drinks, tries to get Jin Pyo’s finger marks from the glass.

Young Joo talks about Jin Pyo’s antler business in the US and says he has come because the person who attacked Seo Yong Hak has a crippled leg. After the prosecutors leave, Jin Pyo peels something off his fingers which stopped him from leaving his finger prints. Nana has dinner at Yoon Seong’s mom’s restaurant and takes some food home.

When Yoon Seong arrives home, Nana completely ignores him so he pretends to make coughing noises. As Yoon Seong starts to try and explain what happened, Nana walks away, making Yoon Seong grab her hand and touch her shoulders. Since they made a contract, Nana wants him to pay 100,000 won for touching her. He touches her again, making Nana annoyed so she goes to her room. Yoon Seong finally manages to explain himself.

While Yoon Seong is looks at names on his iPad, Nana suddenly comes in, shocking him. Nana thinks that he is watching porn because of the way he reacted. Even though he told Nana he wasn’t eating, he still decides to eat and Nana tells him that she got the food from the “snack bar ahjumma”.

The two of them go to Yoon Seong’s mom (Lee Kyeong Hee) to give back the box and they sees that she is not feeling well. As they are leaving, Lee Kyeong Hee nearly falls and Yoon Seong immediately runs to her. Nana tells her that she should go to the hospital, but Lee Kyeong Hee says that she will be fine after drinking some medicine, however, Yoon Seong looked worried.

Yoon Seong piggybacks his mom home and she is very thankful for doing so. She tells him that his mom must be so proud of him since he is good looking, dependable and is has a Ph.D. Yoon Seong tells her that he doesn’t have mom and so Kyeong Hee tells him that if she is still alive, she would be very happy. Nana and Yoon Seong make their way home with a drink Lee Kyeong Hee gave them. Yoon Seong leaves Nana and tells her to go home first.

Nana finds Yoon Seong by the river and tells him that she often go there and sing songs her mother taught her. She starts sings and Yoon Seong looks at her as if he has fallen in love with her. (Kyaahh ^.^) Nana tries to make Yoon Seong smile by saying “It must have been hard for our big baby today?” and it worked. Yoon Seong insists for her to go home, but Nana stays.

Jin Pyo visits Yoon Seong’s mom and she immediately asks for her child and why Moo Yul never came back. He tells her that her child is finished his education in the States and has a good job. When she asks for his name, Jin Pyo tells her Yoon Seong’s American name – Johnny.

Go Gi Joon has returned to the Blue House and suddenly the President arrives at the IT department because of the hacking. The President has a talk with Yoon Seong, asking him to help Da Hye with her academics until the exams. The President tells him that he is asks as a father not as the President.

While Da Hye is packing her things for school, she receives a phone call from her dad, telling her that Yoon Seong has agreed to teach her. She rushes of to the IT department and says they should start right away. Da Hye notices that Yoon Seong has the same fragrance as Nana (Chanel No. 4 shower gel) and questions whether they are living together. Yoon Seong explains to her that not the case and she isn’t her type. When Da Hye asks what his type is, he looks at Nana and says

Someone with long hair, cute smile, can cook kimichi well, loves dogs and can sing well.

Da Hye asks Nana for a coffee and so Eun Ah also asks for some as well. As she leaves, she gets a text from Yoon Seong saying “You used my shower gel didn’t you? Get me a cup of coffee!” At Yoon Seong’s house, he and ahjussi are discussing about how Seo Yong Hak’s sons managed to avoid going to the army. Yoon Seong whispers his plans and ahjussi reassures him he will take care of it. Meanwhile, the President has found out that Seo Yong Hak has been making boots of low quality. He asks Seo Yong Hak whether it was a mistake or intentional, but he doesn’t reply.

Seo Yong Hak makes a speech and at the end, his son takes interest in Nana. As people leave the hall, Young Joo shows a picture and asks whether they know the person and they say they don’t. Ahjussi sees them talking to each other as he needs behind the stairs.

While Nana is waiting for the bus, Seo Yong Hak pulls up at the bus stop and pesters her to get in the car. Ahjussi calls Yoon Seong to help Nana and he immediately comes. As arrives, he says “Do I need to put a sticker saying you are my girl?” and takes Nana to his car. They then go to a restaurant where Eun Ah, Da Hye, Go Gi Jun and his brother are waiting. Go Gi Jun’s brother thanks them for helping him and listening to his stories. Once they finished eating, Da Hye pretends to be drunk and clings onto Yoon Seong. She then takes out a Maths textbook and asks him how to solve it.

Ahjussi and Yoon Seong meet up with Seo Yong Hak’s two sons separately. They pretend to discuss business, then they bring up they topic about being exempted from going to the military. In the end, the two sons admit that there is nothing wrong with them.

Yoon Seong goes to teach Da Hye, but she doesn’t pay attention and just stares at him. After receiving a text from Seo Dung Hun, Yoon Seong leaves to meet him at the Hongda Mei Mei Nightclub and Da Hye and Nana go to a nightclub.

At the nightclub, Seo Yong Hak’s son who likes Nana is also there. He tries to pull Nana away, but Yoon Seong come to the rescue and says that he will get angry if he will touch his girl. The son take Yoon seong outside, with Da Hye, Nana and Eun Ah behind starts beating him up. Yoon Seong doesn’t fight back and ahjussi films him. The bodyguard who is trying to find the City Hunter is also there and says that the man at the hospital (Yoon Seong) doesn’t seem like the City Hunter. Nana and Eun Ah step in and stops him from beating Yoon Seong up even more.

Nana comes home and helps put a bandage on Yoon Seong’s scar. The military and the press arrive at Seo Yong Hak’s house just as one of his son is about to leave for the job Yoon Seong offered him. The miliary tells him that they have received information saying his sons have no illness and so Seo Yong Hak has no choice but to send his sons to the military.

Jin Pyo watches the news about Seo Yong Hak and Yoon Seong tells him that it was him who did it. The prosecutors find more evidence against Seo Yong Hak. At the New National Party election candiate, ahjussi is disguised as a reporter.He goes to the room where he will be plugging in the USB with things against Seo Yong Hak.

Yoon Seong has a fighting scene to get pass the guards. He fights with a woman, but as he is about to hit her, he stops so that she wouldn’t get injured much. In the end, he uses a tie to tie her and passes. While Seo Yong Hak is practising his speech, someone knocks at the door and after he told them to come in and they didn’t, he goes to open it but gets electrocuted as he touches the handle. Meanwhile, ahjussi is still in the room and he nearly gets caught as his fake identity card almost showed the real picture.

Ahjussi leaves the room and the man he was with gets suspicious so he runs after ahjussi with other people. Nana finds Seo Yong Hak is missing and Young Joo is immediately informed so he goes to where the New National Party election candiate is being held.

Nana continues to find Seo Yong Hak and she goes up in the elevator, Jin Pyo stops it. Nana manages to get out and goest to the roof top. There she see Yoon Seong and points the gun behind his back. Yoon Seong tries to jump off the building (he tied himself to a rope which is attached to a pole), but Nana shoots and the bullet hits his back.

Editors Note:
OMGG!! He got shoot by her!!! Going to watch ep 8 now!

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