[SYNOPSIS/SPOILER] City Hunter Episode 5

Yoon Seong arrives at the hotel where Xu Long Shue/Seo Yeong Hak is having his wedding anniversary. The lights are out and he manages to push NaNa out of the way before the bullet Jin Pyo fired from the opposite building, hit her. Before Nana could recognize him he leaves. Yoon Seong runs to the building where Jin Pyo is at. Jin Pyo sees police and SWAT team arrive so he packs up and makes his way down but the SWAT team have positioned themselves in front of all the elevators.

The elevator that Jin Pyo is in suddenly shakes so he gets out a small gun, ready to fire as soon as it reaches the ground floor. However, the top of the elevator opens and we see Yoon Seong offering help to escape. The Jin Pyo makes it out of the elevator just in time and leaves with Yoon Seong and ahjussi. The car they get in is seen by the police and they try to follow them. But an accident has happened, blocking the road and allowing Yoon Seong, Jin Pyo and ahjussi to escape.

In the car, JIn Pyo has a talk with Yoon Seong saying that he has screwed their chances of killing Seo Yeong Hak. Yoon Seong says that if they kill him now, people with think that he got shoot because of the up-coming election and his true colors won’t be revealed. We also find out that it was Yoon Seong that turned off the lights at the hotel. Yoon Seong informs Jin Pyo that security will be tighter around Seo Yeong Hak and when Jin Pyo asked him whether he is giving up, Yoon Seong simply replies with “If I wanted to give up now, I wouldn’t have started it in the first place” and asks his father for help.

Back at the hotel, Nana finds Yoon Seong’s necklace (the bullet one) on the floor and picks it up. Seo Yeong Hak, his wife and his son are at the hospital. His son is saying how if he got hit, he would be exempt from going to the army (his doesn’t want to go because his older brothers didn’t go). But his father says he has too. On the way out, Seo Yeong Hak sees NaNa and Eun Ah and thanks them for their hard work.

In Yoon Seong’s house, his father has agreed to help him get revenge. Jin Pyo tells Yoon Seong that Seo Ryong Hak is not a simple man like Lee Kyeong Wan. Yoon Seong tells his father there is way – which is to do with boots. Due to poor quality of boots, soldiers were not satisfied. After Seo Ryong Hak resigned, he was appointed as the representative of the company. As Jin Sang Gook is driving Jin Pyo home, Jin Sang Gook asks whether he is really going to let Yoon Seong take care of the matter, to which Jin Pyo replies with “When the time comes, I will handle the problem my way”

At the Blue House, NaNa and Eun Ah are being praised for fulfilling their duties at the incident. Then at the prosecutors office, Young Joo is given a letter which is a complaint against Seo Yong Hak. His boss tells him that the details do not seen fabricated and Young Joo is to investigate the matter discreetly. While Young Joo is watching the CCTV footage of Jin Pyo in the lift with smoke, he receives an invitation to a birthday party. Back at the Blue House, NaNa bumps into Yoon Seong as she leaves. While they talk, NaNa receives a letter about enforcement of order which Yoon Seong secretly also sees.

After reading the letter, NaNa immediately calls her Aunt (who is at the same place as Young Joo) to ask her whether there is really nothing that can be done (for her not to move house) and unfortunately, there isn’t. While her Aunt is on the phone, Young Joo hears the conversation and meanwhile, Yoon Seong sees Nana on the phone and calls ahjussi.

After hearing NaNa’s Aunt talk, Young Joo goes to the man who bought Nana’s house, to ask him if he could sell the house to him. Of course, the man says no and tells Young Joo to leave. As Young Joo exits the shop, ahjussi pulls up in front of the shop, dressed as if he is some bad ass person (haha). He too tries to talk the man into selling Nana’s house to him and after some dispute, the man finally gives in and sells the house.

Just outside Nana’s flat, we see the Mi Jin and Do Jin with their dad thanking NaNa and Yoon Seong for looking his children. Do Jin gives Nana a Pororo band-aid while Yoon Seong receives a Pororo toy figure. After Mi Jin and her family leave, Yoon Seong suddenly takes the band-aid from NaNa a puts it on her face. While he is putting it on, NaNa looks at him and after a few moments of looking at each other, Yoon Seong suddenly looks in the other direction. Nana gets angry at Yoon Seong after he tells her that she can’t look after her self and doesn’t know how to dress properly. Nana leaves and as she goes up the stairs the postman hands a letter and she goes back down, ignoring Yoon Seong.

On her way to see Soo Hee, Yoon Seong is slow driving next to her while she walks. She asks him why he is following her and he tells her that he is just following the GPS (lies…) Anyway, they both arrive at where Soo Hee works and Nana finds out that Yoon Seong knows . She shows a postcard from “long leg ahujssi” – which is actually from Young Joo but she doesn’t know- and read out a line which says “Don’t be afraid of the shadows, because not far from you, there is light.” Yoon Seong laughs at it and Young Joo gives him a look.

Soo Hee invites them to have something to drink and while they wait, they see Kim Jong Shik on TV. Nana quickly changes the channel, saying that she really hates that person. after their drink, Yoon Seong offers to take Nana home, but Young Joo also offers. In the end, Nana decides to go with Young Joo, making Yoon Seong feel irritated.

Young Joo goes to buy some bandage for NaNa and we see that Yoon Seong has also bought some for her and sees the two together. NaNa asks Young Joo is a case ten years ago can be re-investigated but he says it can not, but there can be a re-trial. NaNa wants to find out the truth about whether KIm Jong Shik is responisble for the way her family is at the moment.

NaNa receives a text from Yoon Seong saying she looks better with the Pororo bandage, making Nana think that he is spying on her. Yoon Seong expects her to text back, but doesn’t. After Yoon Seong has a video call with his dad, reporting his findings, he realizes that his necklace is missing and we see Nana looking at it. Seo Yeong Hak meets with another political person who apparently was against the mission 28 years ago. Seo Yeong Hak tells him military dog tags were found on Lee Kyeong Wan and they remember the incident. They both don’t want the public to know about it, otherwise, they are finished.

The guy who Seo Yeong Hak has just met up with, tells one of the bodyguards to investigate the two children (Mi Jin and Do Jin) who were at the Public Anniversary. We then see the President talking a walk, remembering how Jin Pyo threatened him. Da-Hye comes and asks if Yoon Seong can be her tutor because now she feels she wants to study and says she can study well if he is her tutor.

In Judo training, Eun Ah is teaching Go Gi Jon while NaNa is teaching Yoon Seong. NaNa tries to teach Yoon Seong but he asks why he has to learn it when he isn’t a bodyguard and asks Nana to protect him instead. He then throws NaNa on the floor and Nana feels that it is the same way the person save her from getting hit from the bullet. Yoon Seong asks her if she wants Young Joo to see as a woman and she says yes and walks out.

A hacking takes place in the IT department. A boot with nails appears on the screen and when the head of the department asks Go Gi Jon to get rid of he, he says he can’t. Yoon Seong tries to do it instead, with a anti-hacking and manages to do it. In the bathroom, Yoon Seong knows that actually, Go Gi Jon could do it, but he just didn’t want to. Next we see the bodyguard go to Mi Jin’s old house only to find she is not there anymore. As he leaves, he sees Nana going up the stairs and remembers her from the Public Anniversary. Back at the Blue House, the Head says they should go eat sushi and insists Yoon Seong to come, who, at first, didn’t want to.

After the karaoke, Yoon Seong takes Go Gi Jon to his car and waits for the replacement driver who turns out to be NaNa. Gi Jon sees Nana and thinks she is there because she is dating Yoon Seong. Seeing as Nana is not allowed to have a second job, Yoon Seong drives instead. They reach Gi Jon’s house and they meet his brother (who had nail tetanus from the poor quality boot). Ki Joon (the brother) explains that Gi Joon is not the type to drink so there must be something bothering him.

On the bus, Yoon Seong pretends to be asleep and rests his head on NaNa’s shoulders. She tries to move his head but it doesn’t work. Nana sees him smiling, making her smile as well, leaving Yoon Seong to sleep on her shoulders.

The bodyguard has broken into Nana’s house and takes the the folder containing articles about Kim Jong Shik. Nana enters the house after realizing that he door isn’t locked, making Yoon Seong suspicious. She goes to her room and Yoon Seong sees the guard watching Nana with a knife in his hands. Yoon Seong asks Nana how longs she is going to take so the guard doesn’t harm Nana. Yoon Seong goes down, sees the guard, takes his cap, and starts a fight. But of course, the awesome Yoon Seong is no match for the bodyguard and he retrieves the folder and secretly places it on Nana’s desk.

Yoon Seong tells Nana that she should fix the lock, but she says that she will do it during the holidays, so Yoon Seong fixes it for her. As he goes down, he remembers the guard as Lee Kyeong Wan’s guard who he fought with on the boat. Instead of going home, he stays outside Nana’s flat. The guard reports to the person and says he has a person who is possibly the City Hunter.

At the Blue House, the Head of Nana’s department tells her that if the court keeps sending her letters, she will have to resign, otherwise, her colleagues can affected. Nana goes to the man who she thinks bought her house, but he tells her there is another owner. She immediately finds Yoon Seong who is wondering how Nana makes his coffee. As soon as he sees her, he asks her to make some, but she asks him why he is interfering with other people’s business and why he bought her house.

Editor’s note:

Hope you liked this episode! I don’t think I will be able to do episode 6 until next week since I have an exam to study for 😦 

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