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*START AT 3:45*

I was always waiting for you
even though I couldn’t say it

I laughed
to softly cover
the insufficient days that passed

with just experiencing it
I fell through

from the fingertips
we were separated
and disappeared

good bye
to the point I’ll be able to forget you
I want to see a lovely dream

If I turn on this kind of beautiful light
you can’t cast your eyes down, right?

there are many things
I want to know more of

That isn’t the reason I disappeared
I’d just went back to my original place

I fell in love with another
I feel like I understand this
so I cried

Good bye
to the point I can forget you
there aren’t such as things as lovely dreams

No matter what kind of beautiful light I turn on,
I’ll be standing still in the front of a mirror

I don’t have any confidence
I’m sure everyone feels the same

I suddenly remembered
your side face

without forgetting you
I’ve started to search the continuation
of this dream

Scary things
won’t disappear
I’ve understood that
you can’t cast your eyes down, right?

credit: sanoktah.blogspot.com

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One comment on “[LYRICS][ENG] YUI ~You

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    Hehehe, kok cocok banget sama perasaanku sekarang… :’)

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