Wonder Girls’ Sunye visits Haiti to lend a helping hand



G.A.P Haiti (Global Assistance Partners) recently revealed on their website that Wonder Girls’ leader, Sunye had visited Haiti for one week (May 19 – 25th) in order to volunteer, showing her very caring nature.

The website wrote:

May 19-25, 2011

Sun and Merry had served the children in the orphanage and showed the love of Christ during their stay!

Sun and Merry have washed and prayed for all the children who are suffering from dehyration at our Cholera Treatment Centre in Warf Jeremie.

Along with this excerpt, they added some photos of Sunye:


Sunye has a long history of kind acts and is a very good example for us all.

S:  gaphaiti.org via allkpop

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3 comments on “Wonder Girls’ Sunye visits Haiti to lend a helping hand

  1. Wow. Looks like a complete publicity stunt to me. They did charity concerts in China after the Japan earthquake, but no charity concerts in Haiti when that happened. Is this because Haitians don’t buy Wonder Girl songs but Chinese people do?

    Now, suddenly, with a release looming in the US, they are sooooooooooooooo concerned about Haiti. Wasn’t it convenient someone followed her around with a camera while she was doing her charity. I ahve done lots of volunteer work, nobody ever took photos of my fellow volunteers doing their work.

  2. I guess Sunye took some time away from her busy schedule of attending fashion shows to take some photos with homeless children. Isn’t that special.

  3. Mary Chen obviously is oblivious concerning Haiti. A concert isn’t what Haitians need at this time even if there were a place to have one…..Sunye, if nothing else, is focusing attention tho the Haitians plight. Personally, I think her motives are more pure….

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