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[TV] We Got Married: Khuntoria Ep 32 Synopsis

On this week’s episode, we see Nichkhun and Victoria in their house. Nichkhun decides to invite his 2pm members for lunch to which Victoria excitingly agrees. As you may know, on a previous episode Nichkhun asks Victoria who her who she likes in 2pm apart from him, and she answers “Chansung”. This was the first time she will properly meet him.

The episode starts which Nichkhun making coffee for his “wife” using a coffee machine to which the people in the studio said “He’s a real man”. After Victoria agrees to invite the 2pm and cook for them, it is clear that Nichkhun starts to get a little bit jealous as Victoria will be meeting Chansung. The couple decides to cook dumpling and kimichi for their guess as dumpling is a food which Chinese people eat during special occasions and Victoria wanted it to be special.

Nichkhun calls Junho who sounds as if he as just woken up. He speaks to Victoria, but then asks Nichkhun “It…. was… Victoria?” questioning who the girl he just talk to was, to which Nichkhun responds “Yeah… well… yah! I only have Victoria”
While listing the ingredients needed to make the food, Victoria asks why Nichkhun gave a rose to a girl when he performed in a show, showing some signs of jealously. Nichkhun asks her if she is jealous, but she answers that she isn’t, saying that she “doesn’t do any jealously”. Victoria then writes “Rose. Rose. Rose” on top of a piece of paper.

We then see the new “Home Theatre” that Nichkhun had set up in order to watch the video they made for “I’ll Be Back” and “Nu ABO” with 2pm. (Nichkhun had this thing which you attach to phone and it projects the video onto the wall… Pretty cool, I think). He shows Victoria their “Home Theatre and then puts his head of Victoria’s lap as they watch their video of “Nu ABO”.

While Victoria, stay’s at home to prepare the food, Nichkhun goes off to buy food they will needed. At the market, he is unsure of what to buy and ends up having the staff getting nearly all the things on the list for him. The people in the studio said that he has “found himself a personal assistant”. After shopping for food, Nichkhun goes to buy 22 roses for Victoria (22 because it’s her favourite number) and told the shop assistant to make it pretty because last time she had no reaction.

Nichkhun returns home and hides the flowers when Victoria opens the door. While Victoria had her back to him, he hold the flowers and Victoria is surprised when she turns around to see Nichkhun holding a bunch a flowers and it is clear that Nichkhun is happy with her reaction. The two then prepare the food for 2pm but unfortunately, they were unable to finish cooking before they arrived.

Once the 2pm members arrive, the house turns into chaos. Wooyoung rings the bell constantly while Junho knocks on the door, complaining that the door should be opened in two seconds because Nichkhun took long opening the door. The members enter the house and start wandering around, inspecting the place. Taecyeon and Chansung gave gifts to Victoria and Nichkhun as a house warming present (a puzzle and Jenga I think). Then Junsu and Wooyoung start to go upstairs and Nichkhuns tells them to come back down and rings the bell. He then properly introduces Victoria and 2pm to each other.

All of them goes upstairs and Nichkhun asks Victoria “Are you happy now?” (referring to Chansung). The members then joke about buying the house as they are looking around every corner of the house. Once they are back downstairs, Taecyoen finds out that no food is prepared apart from three dumplings. Nichkhun tells the members to move the sofa outside and tells them to sit on the floor. He then says that they have to help make the dumplings. The members complain saying that they are visitors but still help. While washing their hands, Nichkhun moves Victoria away from Chansung and tells him to go sit down after he defends Victoria.

The members make the dumpling but we can see that Wooyoung got a bit bored after as he started playing with the puzzle (the one they gave to Nichkhun and Victoria). By himself. Then, he finds two Winnie the Poohs with Nichkhun and Victoria’s faces on them. While Victoria washes her hands, in the background, we can see Wooyoug and Junsu taking pics and playing around with the toy

The segment ends with Nichkhun showing them the “theatre” room, but the members say they feel like they have been thrown into prison. The preview for next week showed everyone watching the video Nichkhun and Victoria prepared. Also, we will find out what it is that someone broke.

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